Amrapali Dubey is a big and beautiful face of Bhojpuri films. People of his acting and hotness are crazy. As sexy as she is beautiful and also bold.

The big directors believe that whatever role Amrapali is asked to do, they all mold themselves in the character. People spend their lives on every look. Amrapali’s sexy looks also set the water on fire.

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But, do you know who cheers Amrapali to achieve so much success?

Amrapali Dubey’s father. Yes! His father is the hero of his life. Amrapali is loved by her father. He is very close to his parents. He is loved by the family especially his father. It is common that any father loves his daughter very much. But the pairing of Amrapali and her father is something special. Both father and daughter are less but more good friends.

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