Bad thinking of earning hidden behind the shining faces of Bollywood


Ganesh Nandan Tiwari

Two incidents are being discussed in Mumbai film industry these days. T-Series chief Bhushan Kumar has been accused of sexual harassment by a woman and involvement in the alleged porn film business of Raj Kundra. Bhushan Kumar’s company has denied the woman’s allegations and called her blackmail. Raj Kundra’s lawyer, on the other hand, has not denied the alleged porn film production in the court’s clarification but said that the kind of films he was making can be called porn not vulgar (vulgar, indecent, vulgar). Both the incidents have not seen any significant impact in Bollywood emerging from search and arrest in drug cases.

Bollywood’s response to the Raj Kundra and Bhushan Kumar cases has been of a ‘Jor Ka Jhatka Dheere Se Laga’ type. The reason for this is that Kundra does not have much association with Bollywood. He is the husband of actress Shilpa Shetty. In 2012, he started ‘Super Fight League’ with Sanjay Dutt. It’s just full. Earlier, Kundra had invested in IPA’s Rajasthan Royal in 2009. Delhi Police has interrogated him in 2013 in the spot-fixing case. He has got a clean chit in this case.

Kundra’s association with alleged porn film production happened during the Corona period. Police said in a press conference that such films were shot in Kundra’s office. New girls who came to make a career in films used to get work in these films. After preparing the content, it was sent to London, from where it was loaded. This business used to earn six to eight lakh rupees per day. Police say that the first complaint against Kundra was made by Poonam Pandey in 2019. In February 2021, police raided a bungalow on Mud Island where porn movies were made. A case was registered against Raj Kundra on the complaint of a woman. Since then, Kundra was on the target of the police. Finally, on July 19, after interrogation, Kundra was arrested. But there was no response in Bollywood as Kundra was not directly associated with Bollywood.

The allegation against Bhushan Kumar is serious, which he has already clarified. A police complaint has been registered in the matter and they have to prove their innocence. Bhushan is currently making around 20 films with top stars in collaboration with several companies costing crores of rupees. Obviously, the future of these films and other companies investing in them along with Bhushan is also directly affected after this case. So it was natural to have a ruckus in Bollywood. But it didn’t happen. Remember the Chinkara incident of Salman Khan. Sanjay Dutt arrested in Mumbai bomb blasts. Or the arrest of Bharatbhai Shah for investing underworld money in Bollywood. Then Bollywood was shaken. The future of many films was at stake. On Shah’s arrest, it was even said that now the Mumbai film industry will sit down because Shah’s money is invested in most of the films. T-series is currently making twice as many films as Shah was making then. There are serious allegations against its chief Bhushan Kumar, but there is peace in Bollywood. Has Bollywood changed with the times?

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