Bank Fraud important news avoid these things or you may suffer huge loss | Bank Fraud: These need attention, otherwise your money will be empty in a second !!


New Delhi: As technology increases, facilities increase and many problems increase. Internet banking is on the rise these days. Many cheaters are waiting to beat the hard earned money in minutes.

These thieves steal people’s money in a modern way in the hope of free, privilege. Therefore, it is very important to be very careful while doing any one action. In doing so, the intention of those who act with malice will not be fulfilled.

Fraud via WhatsApp call

If a voice call comes from an unknown number on WhatsApp, you have to be careful. Because those who make such calls may deceive you. These people block our numbers after committing frauds. Therefore leaving them inaccessible.

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Fraud by UPI

With the integrated payment interface UPI anyone can easily send or receive money. Fraudsters send debit link through UPI. As soon as a person clicks on that link and enters his PIN, the money is deducted from his account. To avoid this, unknown debit requests should be deleted immediately. It is also advised not to click on links coming from unknown numbers.

Fraud by QR code

Fraudsters also try to extort money from customers through QR i.e. quick response code. In this, the QR code is sent to the mobile and the recipient clicks on the QR code link. The fraudsters then scan the QR code of his mobile phone and withdraw the money from the bank account.

Links that cause disaster

Carefully click on any link related to Coronavirus. Fraudsters may send these links with any malice in the current dilemma.

Keep these things in mind

– Prevent unwanted email, SMS or messages from clicking on social media.
– Regardless of the sender’s address, be very careful when opening the link.
– Be wary of emails from strangers. Do not open unknown websites.

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