bharathi kannamma serial crossed 500 episode | ‘பாரதி கண்ணம்மா’ சீரியல் படைத்த புதிய சாதனை


Like TV, TV serials have fanatical fans. Fans are creating and celebrating the fan page as their favorite serials and shows. The reception the cast gets on the iconic screen brings them up to the silver screen.

And for the past year or so, the corona threat has paralyzed people’s homes. Most private companies, including IT, have advised their employees to work from home. The only entertainment they have is TV serials and shows.

As a result, TV serials, memes about shows, and video clubs go viral from time to time. In that sense, Vijay TV serials and shows are very attractive. The Bharathi Kannamma serial which is aired on Vijay TV in particular is very popular.

The memes of that serial occupied social websites last year. Kannamma, who leaves home with a bag due to a problem with her husband, is wandering everywhere. Those scenes aired for about 1 week. The memes went viral on social media. The series received a standing ovation.

In this situation, Bharathi Kannamma serial has created a new record. The serial has successfully passed its 500th episode. Following this the fans have been creating a hashtag and celebrating.

Bharathi Kannamma serial is a Tamil remake of the Malayalam serial ‘Karuthamuthu’. Roshini and Arun Prasad are playing the lead roles in this serial. The story of this serial is about the problems that a transgender woman faces in the society. The character of Kannamma in this serial is a role model for many women.

The serial has been remade not only in Tamil but also in various Indian languages ​​including Telugu, Marathi and Hindi. It has been well received in other languages ​​as well as Tamil. The serial, which was aired last year, has now reached a major milestone. Fans are predicting that the next 1,000th episode will arrive soon.

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