Bhojpuri singer Anjali Tiwari’s new song Maralas Marad blows the neck with Belanwa, see video


Bhojpuri singer Anjali Tiwari’s new song is getting good response.

New song ‘Marlas Marad Belanwa Se’ from Bhojpuri singer Anjali Tiwari has been released which is getting good response from Bhojpuri audience. The song is blessed with superstar Ritesh Pandey.

Anjali Tiwari | Marlus Marad from Belanwa. Marlas Marad Belanwa Se | Bhojpuri Song 2021 | Famous folk singer of Bhojpuri (Anjali Tiwari), the new song of ‘Marlas Marad Belanwa Se’ (Marlas Marad Belanwa Se) is becoming popular as soon as it is released from Bhojpuri. People are listening to this song very much and giving their love. The most special thing about this song is that this song of Anjali Tiwari is blessed with Bhojpuri superstar Ritesh Pandey. When the poster of this song was shared on social media, the fans of Anjali Tiwari as well as the picture of Ritesh Pandey were very excited and were waiting for the song to be out.

As soon as this song was released, people started watching it, that is why this song has got good views in just a few hours. However, only the audio of this song has been released. Its video will also be released soon. This folk song of 2021 is very much liked by the people and it is getting good response.

Youtube Video

Viru Raj Chandravanshi has written the song ‘Marlas Marad Belanwa Se’ by Anjali Tiwari, presented by Worldwide Records, while Harsha Upadhyay has composed the music. Neeraj Samrat has recorded it. Prince is Baba’s vision while Ritesh Pandey is blessed. This folk song of Anjali Tiwari is being liked a lot. In this song, the bride is telling her mother that she will not go to her in-law’s house. When the bread is burnt, the husband beats her with a rolling pin. Anjali Tiwari has sung it with great vigor. This song has the support of Deepak Tiwari, Arunji, Chunnu Baba, Rishi Tiwari, Naveen Nadan, Diwakar Mishra, Mrityunjay Mahadev.


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