Bhojpuri singer Antara Singh Priyanka’s dance on the song 52 Gaj Ka Ghaghra created panic, watch video


This girl’s dance is being seen a lot on the song of Antara Singh Priyanka.

Bhojpuri’s famous singer Antara Singh Priyanka’s song ’52 Gaj Ka Ghaghra’ (52 Gaj Ke Ghaghra) is being danced by a girl whose video is becoming very viral on YouTube. This song of Antara was released last year.

Antra Singh Priyanka | Bhojpuri Song | 52 yard ghagra | 52 Gaj Ke Ghaghra | Famous singer Antara Singh Priyanka of Bhojpuri cinema is not interested in any identity. The songs of Antara create panic in Bhojpuri cinema. It is amazing of her songs that she has become the leading singer of Bhojpuri industry. His songs are very much liked by the Bhojpuriya audience. Many people also post videos on social media by performing on their songs, which are seen a lot. One of his fans has danced vigorously on his famous song ’52 Gaj Ka Ghaghra’ which is creating a lot of panic.

Antara Singh Priyanka’s song ’52 Gaj Ka Ghaghra’ became very viral. On the same song, a girl wearing a lehenga has done a bang dance, which people are watching a lot. The girl’s style and dance style looks very special. This dance video has been posted on Wave Music Bhojpuri’s YouTube channel. This video of the song is being seen a lot. Till now thousands of people have seen the song. Many people perform on Antara’s songs on social media but this dance video is different from them.

Youtube Video

At the end of last year i.e. on 30 December 2020, Antara Singh Priyanka’s song ’52 Gaj Ka Ghaghra’ was released on Wave Music’s YouTube channel. This song got a lot of love from the people. Antara Singh Priyanka herself was seen in the song which looked very beautiful. Apart from Antara’s singing, her smile and style have made everyone crazy. This superhit song has got more than 1 crore views so far. The song is written by Arjun Sharma while music is given by Roshan Singh.


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