Bhojpuri star Pawan Singh commented on the controversy related to Akshara Singh-Nilkamal Singh? Said- I am not afraid of anyone


Pawan Singh recently came live on social media and had a special conversation with his fans.

Pawan Singh talked about many issues related to Bhojpuri industry in his live video. His fans are speculating that the Bhojpuri superstar has commented on the controversy related to Neelkamal Singh and Akshara Singh in a gesture. you also watch video

Bhojpuri’s power star Pawan Singh rules the hearts of people with his strong acting and amazing style. Pawan’s songs make a splash in the Bhojpuri industry and his films prove to be blockbusters. Along with Pawan Bhojpuri, he has become a well-known face all over India. He has got a lot of love from thousands, millions of people. Recently, Pawan Singh came live on Facebook and interacted with his fans and also discussed many issues related to Bhojpuri industry.

Pawan Singh, in his live video, first thanked the fans who made his song ‘Pudina Ae Haseena’ so successful that the song is trending at the top of the music list on YouTube. The song has got millions of views. In his live video, Pawan Singh also introduced people to the lyricist, composer of the song. Pawan said that people are giving a lot of love to each of his songs. In this live video, Pawan also replied to the comments of the fans and interacted a lot with them.

Comment on Akshara Singh-Nilkamal Singh controversy?

Pawan Singh talked about many issues related to Bhojpuri industry in his live video. Pawan Singh said that a lot has changed in the Bhojpuri industry these days. A fan of Pawan said that the filth is increasing day by day in the Bhojpuri industry. On this, Pawan agreed and said- “Like the artists whom you like, but it is not right to criticize, comment and criticize someone else. This is not the development of Bhojpuri industry.” Pawan Singh said in his video that we should create such an environment that everyone should live like a family.

Pawan said in Facebook Live- “I heard a song of a person who has composed a song on me. Now if you enjoy abusing Pawan Singh in your mind, then you should be happy in that. It is not that I am nothing. When I speak, I am afraid. I am not afraid of anyone. I am only afraid of the above, of the parents, of the guru and my audience. And I am not afraid of anyone.” It is being speculated from these words of Pawan Singh that he is commenting on Neelkamal Singh’s obscene song sung on Akshara Singh. Pawan Singh said in the end that nothing should be said about the mother, daughter of the front. Every daughter is our daughter, every mother is our mother and every sister is our sister.


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