Bina Rai insisted on working in films, went on hunger strike


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The Muqaddas land of Lucknow has given many famous and famous fans to Bollywood. His works of art are well known in Mausiki, acting, film direction, nagmanigari, story writing and script writing. In the sequel to Funkars, brought up in Lucknow, we present about the well-known actress Krishna Sareen aka Bina Rai.

Krishna Sareen’s family had migrated from Lahore, Pakistan to Kanpur after facing the tragedy of Partition. For higher education, Krishna Sareen enrolled in the first year of IT College in Lucknow. She was not a day scholar but a hosteller. She actively participated in the theatrical festivals of the college. While working in theatre, he got the ghost of working in films.

In those days, writer, director, Hero Kishore Sahu was making a film for which he held an All India contest in search of heroine. Seeing his advertisement in the newspaper, Krishna Sareen was stunned. Tabassum had revealed in his YouTube channel Bombay Talkies that Bina Rai’s two professors, Asha Mathur (who later married film director Mohan Sehgal) and Indira Panchal (who later became the mother of well-known industrialist Anand Mahindra) came to know about it. That Krishna Sareen is going to become a heroine, she also made preparations to go along. Because Kishore Sahu was looking for three actresses in his film.

In the audition, Krishna Sareen was selected by Kishore Sahu for the heroine among hundreds of girls from all over India. The professors who accompanied him were also selected to work in the film. But the family members of Krishna Sarin’s old thoughts did not allow him to work in films. Now his crying broke out. sat on hunger strike.

Father Avinash Ram Sareen, mother Rajwanti Sareen and his three brothers and four sisters, working in a big position in the Railways, also did not melt due to their hunger strike. Krishna Sareen was not going to stop now. They rebelled and reached Bombay. Film production began in 1950.

Kishore Sahu gave new name to Krishna Sareen as Bina Rai. The name of the film was ‘Kali Ghata’. The film was released in 1951. For this he was paid Rs 25,000. The film went well. Bina Rai’s beautiful face and her adorable smile definitely caught the attention of the makers. His magic started speaking on the heads of the producers and directors.

In the same year he signed a film named ‘Badal’. In which his hero was Prem Nath. Bina Rai’s character in this film was that of a bubbly girl. She would blush after giving the shot. On this, Prem Nath taunted in his own style that instead of working in the film, such girls should get married and settle down.

One day Bina Rai went to Prem Nath’s make-up room and kept a slip and a red rose. The slip read ‘If you love me, accept the rose or else return it’. Prem Nath stood in amazement. Then he slowly put the rose in his pocket. While he was madly in love with Madhubala and says that Madhubala was in love with Dilip Kumar, Madhubala, saddened by Dilip Kumar’s indifference, even agreed to the relationship with Prem Nath.

Bina Rai and Prem Nath did not know when love blossomed between the two while working together. Since Bina Rai had come from a cultured environment, she had full faith in the institution of marriage. He married his heroine Bina Rai in 1953 on the sets of the film ‘Aurat’. They celebrated their honeymoon in America. There both went as Indian representatives.

The news of their marriage broke the hearts of millions of fans. Even after marriage, many of his films were released while raising his two sons Prem Kishan and Kailash Malhotra ‘Monty’, while fulfilling family responsibility. Which also had many hits. After ‘Kali Ghata’, ‘Aurat’, ‘Sapna’, ‘Gauhar’, ‘Sholay’, ‘Sardar’, ‘Minar’, ‘Marin Drive’, ‘Hill Station’, ‘Madbhare Nain’, ‘Chandrakant’, ‘ Durgeshanandani”, ‘Talaash’, ‘Genghis Khan’, ‘Ghoonghat’, ‘Bandi’, ‘Wallah Kya Baat Hai’, ‘Anarkali’, ‘Taj Mahal’, ‘Insaniyat’, ‘Grandmother’, ‘My Salaam’, ‘ Ram Rajya” worked in her home production PN Films with husband Prem Nath in films named ‘Shagufa’, ‘Golconda Ka Prisoner’, ‘Hamara Watan’ and ‘Samundar’ but unfortunately none of these films worked. The production house had to be closed.

It is also a funny anecdote that due to continuous delay in the production of Mughle Azam, a small filmmaker Nandlal Jaswant Lal went ahead and launched the film ‘Anarkali’ with Bina Rai and Pradeep Kumar. The film became a super duper hit. The second film of the same successful couple ‘Taj Mahal’ also set the flags of success. His songs “Paon chhu lene do phool ko inayat hogi”, “Jo baat tujhme hai teri tasveer mein nahi” and “Jo vada kiya woh nibhana padaga” were heard in the street.

When ‘Mughal Azam’ was ready in 1960, Bina Rai’s family film ‘Ghunghat’ was also released during the same time. Both were nominated for Best Heroine at the Filmfare Awards. Everyone was understanding that Madhubala would win this award, but when Bina Rai’s name was taken, everyone’s mouth was left open. For this, the media also pulled up the award committee.

Most people consider the number 13 to be inauspicious while this date played an important role in Bina Rai’s life. Where he was born on 13 July 1931 in Lahore Pakistan, the date he signed the contract for his first film was 13 July 1950 and his film ‘Kali Ghata’ was released on 13 July 1951. They got engaged on 13 July 1952.

Another coincidence also connected with him. Prem Nath and Bina Rai were very fond of sleep. He often used to say that sleep is half death and death is complete sleep. See ittefaq Prem Nath died on 3 November 1992 while sleeping and on 6 December 2009 Bina Rai also left this world while sleeping.

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His last film was the 1968 film Apna Ghar Apni Kahani. In his film career of 18 years, he acted in only 28 films. After that she lived happily away from the media in her family for forty years.

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