Bollywood Actor Ashok Kumar Life Unknown Facts, Read Full Story


In Hindi cinema, one such artist who was also an actor was a director and also a writer whose name was Ashok Kumar. Ashok Kumar was a big star of his time. Everyone wanted a life like his, but despite everything, there was a shortcoming in Ashok Kumar’s life. The most painful part of his life was his wife’s alcohol addiction. Alcohol started affecting the health of Kishore Kumar’s wife as well as memory.

This thing is in the year 1970 when Ashok Kumar took a producer with Rs 2 lakh and gave it to his wife and asked her to keep it. After some time, when Kishore asked his wife about the money, it was found that she had forgotten. Did not remember stating that money was drunk. Ashok Kumar searched the entire house but did not get the money, a servant of the house had left the work at the same time, he was suspected and a report was lodged with the police. After questioning, it was found that the servant was innocent.

When the police reached Ashok Kumar’s house to find money, he found money between some clothes in the wardrobe of Ashok’s wife. To avoid the income tax, Ashok Kumar had taken money in cash from the producer, later he had to pay 1 lakh 20 thousand rupees in tax, he was insulted, he had to pay a huge price for the money to be kept by the wife, Ashok Kumar To.

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