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Haldwani, Abhishek Raj: Nepal rejected Clean Fid (ad-free broadcast) on Thursday late night, rejecting the appeal of the Indian Broadcasters Forum. With this, a total of 108 foreign channels including Indian will stop broadcasting in Nepal from 12 midnight on Friday. According to an estimate, this would cost Indian channels around eight billion annually.

Faced with Chinese encroachment in the Far West, Nepal has been working to improve relations with India since the first week of October. Meanwhile, it also stayed the order of the proposed ad-free policy on Indian channels for Nakel. This brought great relief to the entertainment channels engaged by the news, but late on Thursday night, Nepal suddenly turned away from its promise.

Some relief to Zee and Soni

Under the new rule, the live channels of Zee 12 and Sony will be broadcast currently, but the news channels will be bid farewell to Nepal. Simultaneously, broadcasting of other Indian entertainment channels including Cartoon and Colors channels will be stopped.

First ban was to be held from October 8

Nepal had earlier planned to implement the advertisement-free policy from October 8, but in the changed circumstances, it was postponed on the appeal of the Indian Broadcasters Forum. Nepal suddenly turned back on its promise on Thursday night.

Indian channel is Nepal’s first choice

Indian entertainment TV channels have been well-liked in Nepal. Hindi channels have better penetration than Nepali in almost all the seven states. In Madhesh, the TRPs of Indian channels remain first. Whether it is film or serial, Indian channels live on everyone’s tongue. In such a situation Nepalese and foreign companies advertise only on Indian channels. Nepali channels do not have even a quarter of their revenue.

Indian channels keep an eye on earnings

The Government of Nepal believes that the situation of Nepali channels has become pathetic due to the influence of Indian channels. That is why it has implemented an ad-free broadcast policy for foreign channels. After this, Indian channels will stop receiving advertisements from Nepal. In such a situation, broadcasting income will not be easy.

Expected earnings of around eight billion annually

According to Nepal Advertising Association, Nepali channels will directly benefit from ad-free broadcast of foreign channels. This will give Indian channels a revenue of around eight billion Nepali rupees annually from Nepali channels. This will improve their condition.

Five channels were broadcast in July also closed

Nepal also banned the broadcast of five Indian news channels in July, accusing it of fueling the India border dispute. However, the ban was later lifted following the intervention of the Indian government. President-Nepal Cable Television Federation Sudhir Parajuli said that From midnight on Friday, only 32 foreign channels that follow Clean Fid will be broadcast in Nepal. Broadcasting of more than 180 channels will be stopped at present.

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