Dharmendra Corona hopes among people in crisis, VIDEO shares and said – everything will be alright


Dharmendra keeps giving a glimpse of his life through social media (Photo courtesy: Instagram / aapkadharam)

Bollywood’s famous actor Dharmendra often interacts with fans through social media and talks openly on all issues.

New Delhi Corona virus (Covid 19) has made a deep impact on everyone’s life and it is bent on killing people. This has caused panic in the hearts of the people. Many people managed to recover from the disease, and many succumbed to it. Recently many big stars of Bollywood have recovered from corona infection. These include actors including Akshay Kumar, Sonu Sood, Ranbir Kapoor, Karthik Aryan, Milind Soman. In this difficult period, everyone wants to help each other in their own way. Bollywood actors are also taking part in it. Now Dharmendra has released a video praying for everyone’s safety and is giving instructions to escape from Corona. Dharmendra has shared this video with his Instagram account. In the video, the actor is saying, ‘Friends, Corona has plagued the world. I had come here a day before lockdown at my farmhouse. Everyday I keep hearing the news, it hurts. I pray that this disease ends soon. ‘

He further says, ‘You all take care of yourself. As you are getting instruction, you have to execute it and my prayers are that Corona should not even touch you. All be well, be happy. Love you all. ‘ Along with the video, the actor has also given a caption, in which he writes, ‘Everything will be alright. Stay positive. People need prayers along with medicine at this time and this video of the actor gives comfort to the people, raising hope. Fans of the actor are very fond of this video of him. They are fiercely liking and commenting on the video. More than 70 thousand likes have come on this video posted a day ago. A fan of the actor comments, ‘Sir Salutations … just want your blessings.’ At the same time, another fan comments, ‘You also take care of yourself.’


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