Director Pramod Shastri told the future of Bhojpuri cinema is worrying, said a big thing on obscenity in songs!


Pramod Shastri, the successful writer and director of Bhojpuri films, is soon coming up with a big budget film ‘Aan Baan Aur Shaan’, despite this he feels that Bhojpuri cinema ( The future of Bhojpuri Cinema is worrying. Writer-director Pramod Shastri, who has given big and hit films like ‘Rabba Ishq Na Hove’, ‘Chhaliya’, ‘Pyaar To Hona Hi Tha’, has seen the industry closely based on his career experience. is. Therefore, they also express their opinion about the industry. Read exclusive conversation with him.

Question: What is your opinion about Bhojpuri cinema and where do you see its future?

Pramod Shastri: My opinion about Bhojpuri film industry is very clear. I find the future of Bhojpuri cinema very worrying. There is a different world of albums in Bhojpuri, where there is a plethora of vulgar, gaudy and double meaning songs. This also affects the cinema, because most of the people who sing vulgar-factual songs are later the heroes of the films. The pressure of the producers is to capitalize on the popularity of such singers in the film. The pressure of the producer is always that the hero is popular and successful, so what the hero is thinking is right. Even without wanting, almost all the writer-directors here are forced to compromise. Now the situation has become such that the future of Bhojpuri cinema is swinging in the hands of some sections of the people.

Question: So are there not good and talented people in Bhojpuri, who should take Bhojpuri cinema towards betterment?Pramod Shastri: Not so. This film industry is full of good writers, good directors and good character actors. If there is a shortage then a dedicated manufacturer. More good cinema halls of good distributors, who are living in the absence of making, selling, and distribution of big canvas Bhojpuri films like Marathi, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam cinema with good plot due to greed of few rupees. While the number of Bhojpuri speaking viewers is more than 40 crores, one needs to dare just once.

Question: You are young, you have a wonderful personality, yet you chose direction over acting. Any particular reason?

Pramod Shastri: I am a native of Pratapgarh district of Uttar Pradesh state. I studied till post graduation, but after taking Shastri degree, I came to be known as Pramod Shastri. My father is a simple farmer and mother is a simple housewife. I started writing during my studies. My grandfather Vaidya Pandit Shri Narayan Shastri was a very scholar. He had a deep grasp of writing and had a huge impact on me. During my studies, some of the plays written by me became quite popular, of which the main ones are – Emperor Ashoka’s abandonment of arms, Rakhi ki Maryada. But my attention towards becoming a director came after listening to interviews of directors of some prominent Hindi films, the prominent ones being Subhash Ghai, Prakash Mehra and Rakesh Kumar. For example, I was very impressed by all these directors and took my step towards becoming a successful director.

Question: Tell us a little about your film career, where did you start and how many films have you done so far?

Pramod Shastri: I came to Mumbai for the first time in 2001. I got a lot of support from Subhash, the makeup man of Hindi film industry’s famous actress Priyanka Chopra. He got me work as an assistant director for the first time, after that I did about 16 films in different 6 languages ​​as assistant writer and co-director, in which Tithi The Final Day, Ik Jind Ek Jaan and Bhumiputra are prominent. I have done DD in 2019-20. Produced a serial named β€œKiske Roke Ruka Hai Savera” for Kisan Channel. The original purpose of the serial was to give information about the fundamental rights of the farmers of the country and solutions to their problems and the new schemes run by the Government of India for them.

My first film as a director in Bhojpuri was ‘Rabba Ishq Na Hobe’, which came in 2017. The producer of this film was Kanak Yadav, presenter Gautam Singh and protagonist Arvind Akela “Kallu” and heroines were Kanak Yadav and Ritu Singh. So far, three Bhojpuri films of my direction Rabba Ishq Na Hobe (Sun2017), Chhalia (Sun2019) and Pyaar To Hona Hi Tha (2020) have been released, which have been very popular among the people.

Question: What will be your upcoming films, as well as tell who is your favorite hero, with whom you would like to do?

Pramod Shastri: The Bhojpuri film “Aan Baan Shaan” directed by me is about to release which is almost ready. After that “Saam Daam Dand Bhed” will come, for which preparations are going on for the shooting. Till now almost all my films have been written by me along with S. K. There is Chauhan, who gets very meaningful cooperation. Both our films are very good and we have high hopes from them. Apart from this, a big budget Hindi film will come by producer Gautam Singh, whose writing work is still going on.

In each of my films, my favorite hero and heroine keep changing, the artist who fits perfectly into his character and plays his role well, becomes my favorite artist. So to say that someone is my all time favorite artist would be an exaggeration.


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