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Pune: As filming is banned in Maharashtra due to corona, various channels have started shooting the series in foreign countries. To get there, the other team, including the cast, has been given the facility to stay in hotels and resorts by the channels and producers along with air travel.

In Maharashtra, corona has banned the shooting of series and films. So that the series would not be interrupted and the same episodes would not hit the audience again like last year, various channels decided to shoot in another state. For this, the producers along with the channels gave a ‘green signal’ saying ‘Hou de kharch’. Not only that, but also provided various facilities for artists, technicians and other staff. Therefore, shooting of about 25 series on Zee Marathi, Star Pravah, Star Plus, Star Bharat channels has started in different states. Even though there are restrictions on corona, there is no curfew or lockdown, so the shooting is going on carefully following all the rules.

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Just to entertain the audience

We are filming in foreign countries across the gates of Maharashtra. We are doing this journey not only to break the entertainment journey of the audience, but also to make it more interesting, it was said on behalf of ‘Zee Marathi’ channel.

What is the concept of ‘Bio Bubble’?

In the bio-bubble system, everyone lives under one roof, but in different places. No one is allowed to go out from there or an outsider is allowed inside. Eating and drinking facilities are provided here. If anyone on the team needs something, it is listed. This list is given to the same person and the items are sent to him and brought out. They are then sterilized. Many items are also ordered by home delivery method.

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These are the facilities

  • Hotel / resort accommodation for all artists and technicians

  • Daily health check-ups for all

  • Cabs, cars for everyone

  • Air travel to foreign countries

  • Periodic cleaning of the set and room

  • Work with fewer people to avoid overcrowding

Itโ€™s unfortunate that filming doesnโ€™t break this thing into essentials. We had to move to another state as Corona refused permission to shoot in Maharashtra. A lot of money is being spent for this and the responsibility has been taken by the channels and producers. We are bearing the financial burden and ‘Show Must, Go On’ is on for the audience. If we had been allowed to set rules, we could have shot in Maharashtra accordingly.

– Shweta Shinde, Producer

Filming of ‘Fulala Sugandh Maticha’ is underway in Rajkot. The whole team is following all the rules of the corona. Outsiders are not allowed on the set as well as performers. Meals are also being prepared on set. Everyone is given a separate room to stay. Work is being done in fewer units.

– Samrudhi Kelkar, actress

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