The TV serial Yeh Rishta Hai Pyaar Ke, which aired on Star Plus, made a show that won the hearts of viewers from its first episode. The show has become very famous due to its story, twist and cute characters. Handsome hunk Shaheer Sheikh and beloved actress Riya Sharma from TV industry are playing the lead characters of the show Abir and Mishti. The on-screen chemistry of this pair has enticed the audience a lot, while their hate and love travel has kept people connected to the show.

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Yeh Rishta Hai Pyaar Ke TV presents such a lovely story that everyone is forced to think. The show raises some questions about the arranged Orange Marriage for decades, due to which the show is so much liked. Abir and Mishti are two such characters who are completely different from each other, a simple and straightforward girl and an open minded poet. In such a situation, there had to be disputes and hatred between them.

In their first meeting, there is misunderstanding and hatred between the two, but as the story progresses, the hatred begins to turn into love. The other characters of the show tried to separate and overcome them by playing their roles but always kept them connected to each other in their love. Many times we got to see the tip of their midst clearly, but the next moment their romance won our hearts. It is the love of Abir and Mishti that have made them the favorite pair of viewers.

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