Girl breaks her back on Samar Singh’s Bhojpuri song Karvatiya! This video went viral on sight


This girl has done an amazing dance to the song of Samar Singh.

On Bhojpuri superstar Samar Singh’s volatile song ‘Karwatiya’, a girl has performed a girl dance (Girl Dances on Samar Singh), which is becoming very fast viral. The romance of Akanksha Dubey (Akanksha Dubey) with Samar Singh in the original song of ‘Karvatiya’ was making a lot of headlines. In this song, the romantic scene between Samar Singh and Akanksha Dubey (Samar Singh Akanksha Dubey) also defeated the romantic scene of Bollywood.

VIDEO | Stew Karwatiya | Samar Singh | Bhojpuri Dance Video 2021 | Bhojpuri (Bhojpuri) singers have many songs that explode as soon as they are released. One such song of Desi Star Samar Singh was released recently, which the viewers were left watching. This is because in this song, the most intense romance of Samar Singh and Akanksha Dubey (Akanksha Dubey) has been shown, seeing that the eyes of the people were torn. The name of this song is ‘Karwatiya’. Now on this song, a girl has broken her back and is dancing.

A very hot video of a girl on Samar Singh’s superhit song ‘Karvatiya’ is going viral. In the song, the dancer is seen in a very sexy dress and is performing an amazing dance on Samar Singh’s song. In the video, the room where the dancer is seen dancing is beautifully decorated. People are going crazy after seeing the girl’s dance. Many people are giving their feedback on the video. Let us know that this dance video has been released on the YouTube channel of Wave Music Bhojpuri on May 29. The song has been viewed by more than 81 thousand people.

Youtube Video

Akanksha Dubey is the most important aspect of the wild song ‘Karwatiya’ of Bhojpuri cinema’s ‘Desi Star’ Samar Singh. It will not be wrong to say that this Bhojpuri song has been named by Akanksha Dubey. That is because in this song, the look of Akanksha Dubey is seen which has never been seen before. Bhojpuri actress Akanksha Dubey (Bhojpuri Actress Akanksha Dubey) is known for her glamorous and bold look in songs, but in this song Akanksha has crossed all the limits of boldness. In the song, his very captivating scenes have been filmed with Samar Singh, who is also beating the romantic scenes of Bollywood films. The actress is holding the breath of every Bhojpuri viewer in her different look.


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