Goat Eid Celebration from Surviving Goats on Eid, watch the video


You too will be happy to see what the goats did in the joy of survival, just watch this video once

Provided by Zee 24 Hours

Mumbai: The saying ‘Jan bachi to lakhon paaye’ is very famous. If one returns with the hull of death, his happiness and rubab is something else. The same is true of the goats. These goats survived because no sacrifice was made on the day of Eid. They are very happy that the goats were not sold on the day of Eid. The goats rejoiced that they had been spared.

This 22 second video is so beautiful. On the day of Goat Eid, the surviving goats have celebrated their happiness by dancing. The goats that survived the ordeal must have been very thankful to God. Rupin Sharma has made the video viral on social media. The music in this video is in the background to the delight of the goats.

More than 1,000 people have watched this video so far. Many have commented that he got lakhs of lives. This video shows a herd of goats. This whole herd of goats is going after one person. The video shows the goats dancing happily.

Rupin Sharma has shared this video on social media with the caption Jab Bakr-Eid Mein Halali Se Bakra Bach Jaaye. The video is rapidly going viral on social media. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.

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