kareena kapoor says she carries 3 things to bed- vsk 98 | There are three things to do with Kareena while sleeping… “Bottle of wine, pajamas and!.!”


Kareena Kapoor Khan is in constant touch with her fans through social media. She shares photos of herself and her family with her fans. Her son Timur is also a topic of constant discussion. A few days ago, she gave birth to her second child. After this she has now resumed work.

She gave birth to her second child a month ago. After that she had taken a break from work for some time. Now she is coming back to the audience from the show ‘Star Versus Food’. She will be seen making pizza in a special episode of the show. In the meantime, she will share her pregnancy experiences. She also said that she wanted to eat pizza and pasta the most during this period.

Talking about this, she says, “I always wanted to eat pizza and pasta during my pregnancy. It was weird for both my son and my husband. ” When asked who manages the kitchen in her home, she said, “Timur and Saif love it. They love to work in the kitchen. And I have a responsibility to the music. They both love to listen to jazz music. ”

Kareena also talks about her family’s food preferences. She also chats with her friends Tanya, Shibani and Anshuka in this episode. It also reveals the three things she keeps close to when she sleeps. She was asked, “Which three things do you keep close to when you sleep?” Answering this, she said, “A bottle of wine, pajamas and Saif Ali Khan! ”

Kareena also recently shared a teaser of the show from her social media account. She has also given captions while sharing this teaser. In it, she says, “Anyone who knows the Kapoor dynasty knows very well how fond we are of eating camphor.”
The show ‘Stars Versus Food’ will be aired on Discovery Plus from April 15. The show will also feature Karan Johar, Malaika Arora, Arjun Kapoor, Pratik Gandhi. Kareena will soon be seen in ‘Lal Singh Chadha’ with Aamir Khan.

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First Published on April 14, 2021 4:27 pm

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