KRK targeted the factionalism of Bollywood stars on Aryan Khan case, praised Kangana for this. KRK slams Bollywood stars for silence on Aryan Khan case praises Kangana for this

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KRK targeted the factionalism of Bollywood stars on Aryan Khan case, praised Kangana for this


Aryan Khan Case: Actor Kamal R Khan is very active on social media. KRK keeps on targeting some star or the other through social media. These days KRK is seen taking the side of Aryan Khan, while his anger has erupted due to the silence of Bollywood stars on this matter.

Kamal R Khan has targeted Akshay Kumar to Ajay Devgan for keeping silence in Aryan Khan case. Along with this, he has praised Kangana Ranaut in this matter.

KRK raised questions on Bollywood stars

KRK, who has always targeted Kangana, has praised the actress for speaking on the Aryan Khan case. In fact, recently Shahrukh Khan’s Aryan Khan has been arrested by the NCB in the drugs case. After Aryan’s arrest, stars like Hrithik Roshan, Pooja Bhatt supported King Khan, while Salman Khan has gone to the actor’s house many times till now.

But KRK has questioned the silence of the rest of the big stars and has written that if Bollywood is really a family, then all Bollywood people should support Aryan. But apart from Hrithik, no big star raised his voice. Ajay, Akki, Varun, Shahid, Juhi, Javed Akhtar, Farhan, Twinkle, Kajol are all silent as there are no friends or enemies in Bollywood.

The actor has said that Kangana Ranaut is better than 98 percent of Bollywood people, at least she speaks what she feels. Kangana may have criticized Aryan in this matter, but at least Kangana has spoken, she did not stay hidden.

Kangana broke the silence after Hrithik Roshan’s post in support of Aryan Khan. Even though Kangana did not openly say anything on Aryan, but then she is seen speaking in this matter.

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