Lack of health facilities in the village which is the largest gram panchayat in Vidarbha.


Akola: With a population of over 40,000 and the largest gram panchayat in Vidarbha, the health center at Hivarkhed village in Akola district lacks major facilities. Hivarkhed Hivarkhed and the surrounding villages are responsible for the health of nearly one lakh people as there is a dire need for at least 50 ambulances. On the other hand, 108 ambulances have been hijacked in Akola for Kovid. Lack of health facilities in Hiravkhed village

As a result, there are unfortunate instances where 108 ambulance ambulances are not available on time and so far many patients have lost their lives. Many of the sanctioned posts have not been vacated and patients have to wander around as there are no resident medical officers staying overnight. The medical officer’s residence built by the government at a cost of lakhs of rupees has become an object of adornment. There is no regular supply of corona vaccines. Many victims and accused are brought to Hivarkhed Police Station for medical examination.

But they have to go back in time. Because there is no MBBS doctor here, the police have to take the accused and the victims to Akot, Telhara, Adgaon etc. The list of vacancies in health centers is long. But the names of dignitaries abound on various plaques. There are 4 boards of names and posts with a total of 83 names and posts. But the mobile numbers of the concerned dignitaries, people’s representatives, officials, employees, office bearers are not written anywhere. Lack of health facilities in Hiravkhed village

Even if the contact numbers of some of them are mentioned when there are so many names, it will help to solve the problems of the patients. In Hivarkhed Gram Panchayat, a vigilante journalist, who raised the issue of saving the lives of critically ill patients in an emergency, was harassed by a Member of Parliament, using loud pressure, threatening and suppressing the voice of the general public.

On April 19, Akot Sub-Divisional Officer Shrikant Deshpande, Telhara Tehsildar Dr. Santosh Yevlikar, Assistant Group Development Officer Limbaji Bargire, Extension Officer Satish Sarode, Sarpanch Mrs. Seema Santosh Raut, Deputy Sarpanch Ramesh Dutonde, Sub-Inspector of Police Gopal Datir, and several people’s representative office bearers have met the traders and journalists of Hivarkhed.

At the meeting, a journalist was incensed when he was briefing the authorities on the above issues while discussing health issues. With the exception of the above type, everyone was looking helplessly. Therefore, “People’s Representative Mujor, officials are helpless .. there is no support left for democracy and health system ..” Lack of health facilities in Hiravkhed village

Discussions will be held with the district health officer and senior officials to meet the health demands in Hivarkhed. At the same time, traders and the general public should follow the rules and cooperate with the administration to control the number of cowardly patients. This has been stated by Sub-Divisional Officer Shrikant Deshpande.

Edited By- Digambar Jadhav


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