Loss of 700 crores from Diwali to year end, cinema hall not open | Loss of 700 crores from Diwali to year end, cinema hall not open


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  • Release date of most films in the country changed, 536 theaters closed by a chain in America

(Amit Karna) Since October 15, cinema halls have been opened in other places except some states. Nevertheless, trade analysts, distributors and cinema operators get Rs 700 crore from Diwali to the end of the year. The box office is expected to lose. The reason is the non-release of big budget films. According to DD Elias Prakash, Secretary, Multiplex Association of India, the films released on Diwali, Christmas cost 200 crores. Has been doing more business than

Producers often release films on three to four thousand screens. In these screens, up to 70% of the audience is fixed in the first three days of release. RK Mehrotra, director of Delhi-based Delight Cinemas, says that this is not the case this time. Even where theaters are open, the audience is not even 10%. On the 15th and 16th, there were only 50 to 60 audiences in theaters with a capacity of 500. The same is true of Tier Two and Three cities of the country.

If there are so few viewers, how will any film be able to join the 100 crore club. Distributor Anil Dhayani says – The day the cinemas opened, the ‘villain’ was shown in Agra’s Rajiv cinema. On having 20 rupees tickets, 300 people came to collect all the shows. This means that even at a low ticket price, there were only 50 to 60 people in a show.


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