Mumbai Police took the help of movie scenes to spread awareness among the unmasked walkers Coronavirus-latest-news


Idea of ​​Mumbai Police;  Awareness about using masks with the help of 'Magneto'

Mumbai Police has created a mime using a scene from the famous film ‘X-Men: First Class’ to convey the message of wearing a mask.

Mumbai, April 20: Corona virus infection (Corona Virus Infection) Kovid-19’s in the country as it is growing very fast (Covid-19) The number of patients is also increasing beyond reach. Therefore, strict restrictions are being imposed to curb this trend. Maharashtra has the highest number of patients in the country (Maharashtra) Strict restrictions have been imposed in the state. According to government figures, 68,631 new patients have been registered in the state in the last 24 hours. At the same time, efforts are being made at all levels to create awareness among the people about compliance with safety rules. Mask (Mask) In terms of wearing and social distance (Social Distancing) The police have also taken initiative in raising awareness, for which the Mumbai police (Mumbai Police) A unique shackle is fought.

‘X-Men: First Class’ to spread the message of wearing mask by Mumbai Police (X Men: First Class) A mime using a scene from this famous movie (Meme) Is created. This meme has been shared on social media and is getting good response. In this regard, the actor Michael Fassbender from the movie ‘X-Men: First Class’ (Michael Fassbender) Realized magneto (Magneto) Using screenshots of this persona, graphics with an animated child show the proper way to wear a mask.

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‘Even with all these combinations, only one thing can save you. Then put on the mask properly! ‘ Such a caption has been given to this mime. This post shows the proper way to wear a mask and this post has gone viral on Instagram. In the most popular post, the first person wearing a mask is seen wearing a mask around his neck, while the second picture is wearing a mask; But the nose is open, then in the last stage, the mask seems to be applied properly.

Netizens have been impressed by the police’s move and have praised the police for the post. This post has received over ten thousand likes in a short span of time. Users have expressed their gratitude for the Mumbai Police’s ‘social media game’ and ‘Perfect’ and ‘Nice’. At the same time, citizens have lashed out at those who do not follow such simple rules, especially politicians, and have expressed their anger. “Ask politicians to wear masks,” said one user, while another asked police officers and constables to wear masks.

Since the beginning of the Corona outbreak, the Mumbai Police has been spreading a number of messages on social media for public awareness, which has received overwhelming response.

First published:April 20, 2021, 7:53 PM IST


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