New movies and plays have not released on gudi padwa occasion zws 70 | Moments of dramas and movies have cooled down!


The basis of social media for conveying art on the occasion of Padva

Mumbai: The trend of launching films and dramas on the occasion of Gudipadva in the entertainment sector has been on the decline since last year and this year, the expectation of a complementary situation has led to a resurgence of coronary heart disease. Therefore, with the exception of a few works of art, no new films or plays have been made. Due to financial difficulties, uncertainty about the situation, most manufacturers avoided taking risks. However, some producers announced the films based on social media.

Film screening dates are announced on the day of Padva or shooting of a new film is started. In the field of drama too, there are practices like giving first advertisement, starting rehearsals, doing first experiment. Every year at least ten to twelve new films are released in Gudipadva. This year, except for one other artwork, not many new moments have been made, said film distributor Sameer Dixit.

The only play written by Arvind Jagtap and directed by Mahesh Manjrekar, ‘Charlie’ was announced on the occasion of Padva. This moment was made very simply by publishing posters on advertisements and social media. Many producers were preparing for new plays, predicting that Corona would be arrested during January. But the theatrical sector, which has limited financial resources, is already in a lot of trouble. The playwrights say that it is a big risk to announce a new play at a time when Corona’s infection is on the rise.

The theater, which started at the end of December, closed in just two months. The producers who dared to resume the play are today losing millions. The next situation is more uncertain. No path currently visible. At such a time, nothing can be guaranteed about a play just by doing a muhurat, but on what basis should a muhurat be done, ‘asked veteran actor and producer Prashant Damle. He announced the name of Padva instead of waiting for the re-imposition of the ban. That occasion will create positivity in the minds of the people. When the situation clears up, ‘Charlie’ will come on the stage, ‘said playwright Rahul Bhandare.

The standard of the moment

Actor Subodh Bhave announced the musical film ‘Manapman’ on social media. The film will be released in Diwali 2022 and is his second musical film after ‘Katyaar Kalajat Ghusli’. The teaser of the movie ‘Chandramukhi’ directed by Prasad Oak and the poster of the movie ‘Bibatya’ directed by Chandrasekhar Sandwe were screened. Preparations have started for director Milind Kavade’s film ‘Takatak 2’. The film was shot in Goa on the occasion of Padva. Another Marathi film ‘Back to School’ starring Saurabh Gokhale, Snoha Chavan and Nishigandha Wad and directed by Satish Mahadu Fuge was launched four or five days ago. The poster of actor Bhausaheb Shinde’s film ‘Raundal’, which became popular from films like ‘Khwada’ and ‘Baban’, was released on the occasion of Padva. The film will be directed by Gajanan Padol and will start shooting soon. The name of the movie titled ‘Gaav Aalam Gotyaat, 15 Lakh Khatyaat’ was announced on Tuesday evening.

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First Published on April 14, 2021 1:57 am

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