Nitish Tiwari will give a mythological film to the fans, after ‘Ramayana’, this will be the second gift for the fans. Nitish Tiwari will give a mythological film to fans this will be second gift for fans after Ramayana

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Nitish Tiwari will give a mythological film to the fans, this will be the second gift for the fans after 'Ramayana'

Nitish Tiwari

Renowned Bollywood director Nitish Tiwari is known for making his special kind of films. Nitish has presented big superhits films like Dangal and Chichhore in front of the fans. Now Nitish can make another mythological film after ‘Ramayana’.

Nitish himself has indicated this. The new book based on the mythological story of Satyam Srivastava has been given about The Wealer of the Trishul (Asura Katha Book 1).

nitish recently launched book

Dangal fame director Nitish recently released this book. While he has expressed his desire to make a big film about this book, he is currently very busy with the film Ramayana. It is heard that the Oscar winning VFX team has been hired for this film.

Nitish spoke his heart

During the book launch, Nitish, while answering the question of making a film about the book, said, “It is a difficult question. I would like to honestly say that I should read the whole book first, because it is important for me to get the deep meaning of the story, I really liked the ending of the story of the book. Once I read this book completely and if I think this book can be turned into a film, then a film can definitely be made on the book.”

Nitish also encouraged his classmate and the author of the book, Satyam, praising the author, saying, “Satyam has given a fictional form to a mythological story, which is commendable and in this book also many such deities have characters. Which only very few people know. The way they have given the book a fictional look and on the other hand the real characters of the deities will keep the readers hooked while reading.

There are still doubts about the cast of Nitish’s upcoming film ‘Ramayana’ which will be cleared in a few days. The work on this film has already started.


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