Nora Fatehi spills pain for Palestinians, raised voice against injustice


Nora often shares her dance videos on social media (Photo courtesy: Instagram / Nora Fatehi)

Bollywood actress Nora Fatehi has spoken on the ongoing conflict between Israel and Palestine. He has expressed sympathy for Palestine. Together, the actress has given her opinion on human rights.

New Delhi Bollywood actress Nora Fatehi (Nora Fatehi), who often posted funny posts on social media (Nora Fatehi Instagram), has become concerned about the deteriorating environment in the world. They are worried about the ongoing conflict between Israel and Palestine War. The actress has strongly condemned the attacks on Palestine. The actress has posted a long post on Instagram. Let us know that videos of the conflict between Israel and Palestine are on social media, which everyone is shocked to see. Nora talks about the political instability of Israel in her Instagram story. He has also raised his voice against the unrest in the eastern part of Jerusalem. She is raising her voice against injustice. Nora, through her post, told how the people of Palestine are being tortured. She is also saying that no one has the right to decide whose human rights are more important than others.

(Photo courtesy Instagram / Nora Fatehi)

She writes in the post, ‘How can I ignore the injustice being done on Palestine which speaks of racial discrimination, LGBT, women’s rights and condemning the corrupt rulers. You cannot decide whose human rights are more important.

(Photo courtesy Instagram / Nora Fatehi)

Nora is seen opposing Israeli security forces in another post. She is saying in the post that the main motive of the protest was to stop injustice. Nora is explaining from her post how violence against Palestinians is taking place. Explain that Israel and Palestine have been attacking each other with deadly weapons for the last few days. Videos of the attack are becoming viral on social media.


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