Pawan Singh went out to sell mint to Hasina on a handcart in lockdown, 5 and a half lakh people saw in an hour


Pawan Singh’s new song ‘Pudina Ae Haseena’ gets 5 lakh views in just 1 hour

Bhojpuri Star Singer Pawan Singh’s new song has broken many records with its release. Pawan Singh’s song ‘Pudina Ae Hasina’ has become a superhit just hours after its release. It has got 5 and a half lakh views within an hour. The song has been released on the official YouTube channel of the famous Music Company Web.

Pawan Singh’s new song ‘Pudina Ae Haseena’ is a great song, whose theme is very romantic (Bhojpuri Song). Due to the lockdown, a lover i.e. Pawan Singh’s girlfriend gets imprisoned in the house. In such a situation, Pawan is desperate to meet him. Then his friend told him the trick to meet his girlfriend and both of them went out to sell mint on the handcart. You will also be stunned to see what happened then. In the song, Pawan has kept a lover’s desperation through this story, which people are very fond of.

Anupama Yadav has also given her voice in Pawan Singh’s best song ‘Pudina Ae Haseena’. Lyrics is by Kumar Pandey and Arjun Akela. Music director is Priyanshu Singh. The video editor is Ravi Pandit, P.R.O. Ranjan Sinha.

Youtube Video

Let us tell you that Pawan Singh’s song has always been a priority for Bhojpuri audience, so whenever any of his songs are released, it immediately becomes viral. Anyway, fans of Pawan are all over the country. Bollywood also keeps an eye on Pawan Singh’s work, only then he has started being liked in Bollywood along with Bhojpuri.


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