Power Bank: Power Bank: Now low battery will not be interrupted in entertainment, mobile will be charged immediately from Power Bank – try these power bank to quickly charge your smartphone-fea-ture


At the time of lockdown, everyone is imprisoned in homes and enjoying full entertainment. Some people watch the recipe, some Netflix and Prime Video, but in the meantime if the battery is low then all the fun gets spoiled. So buy Power Bank so that there is no problem between entertainment.

Here we have brought 10,00mAH and 20,000mAH Power Bank On Amazon, which will do fast charging. They will get a discount of up to 60% and cable free.

Syska 20000 mAh Li-Polymer Power Pro200 Power Bank

This 20,000mah syska Power Bank is a very shock-proof body. It has double USB output and input votes at a lower price, which will enable you to charge two mobile phones simultaneously. On charging with this, your mobile will not overheat. At the same time, it is getting LED indicator, 6 months warranty and a micro USB cable. It is priced at ₹ 3,199 but can be purchased for only Rs. 1,199 at a 63% discount. GET THIS

URBN 20000 mAh 22.5W Super Fast Charging Power Bank

Do not forget to keep this Power Bank before traveling anywhere. This Power Bank with compass design is matching with the LED indicator, which will continue to indicate the charging level. Apart from this, it has an 18 watt two way fast charger, Type C input and 1 year warranty. It is of 20,000 mAh, which will be fully charged in 7 to 8 hours. Its MRP is ₹ 3,999 so that you can buy it for only Rs. 1,549 at 61% discount. GET THIS

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Ambrane 27000mAh Li-Polymer Powerbank

This Power Bank is of 27,000 mAh. It has a Type C USB port, so that you will be able to charge today’s latest mobile comfortably. This will also charge devices like smartphones, smart watch, neckband. Apart from this, flashlight and LED indicator have also been provided in this power bank. This Fast Charging Power Bank comes with a 6-month warranty. It is priced at ₹ 3,499 but is getting only Rs. 1,599 at 54% discount. Click here to buy it now. GET THIS

Redmi 20000mAh Li-Polymer Power Bank

It is a very strong and compact design Powerbank. Its charging capacity is 20,000 mAh. It has dual output port, double input port, 18 watt fast charging and 12 layer circuit protection, so that there will be no danger of short circuit. It is priced at Rs 1,999 like one can buy at a 25% discount for only Rs 1,499. GET THIS

Mi Power Bank

It is of best quality, Mi Power Bank with a metal body. In this, you will be able to charge three mobile phones or any smart device simultaneously. It is 20,000 MH with 18 Watt fast charging. It will get advance 12 layer circuit protection and 6 months warranty. Its MRP is Rs 2,199, but at 27% discount, you can order from here for Rs 1,598. Click here to buy it now. GET THIS

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