Raj Kundra Arrested in Pornographic Film Case Has Written A Book Titled How Not To Make Money Netizens SHOCKED


New Delhi, Jnn. Bollywood actress Shilpa Shetty’s husband and businessman Raj Kundra has been arrested for making obscene films and uploading them through the app and is in police custody, but you will be surprised to know that Raj is also a writer and has billions of assets. Malik Raj has also written an economic book, the title of which will surprise you. The name of this book is How Not To Make Money… Now after the arrest of Raj, this book has also come to the surface.

The information about this book of Raj comes from his LinkedIn account. Raj has mentioned this in the Accomplishments section, according to which this book of Raj came in October 2013. It was published by Panguin House. The book is about two characters who are involved in illegal liquor business. According to Raj’s LinkedIn account, he is currently the founder CEO of JLM Stream. Whereas, Viaan Industries Ltd. is the chairman of. He was the CEO of Best Deal TV Pvt Ltd from 2015 to 2017.

However, Raj’s book is being discussed a lot in social media. A user shared the cover of the book and wrote – Sanskari Kundra had written the book, named How Not to Make Money, but it seems that in the book he is talking about his own business. Another user wrote that Raj Kundra had written a book called How Not to Make Money and he proved it.

Let us tell you, Raj Kundra was arrested by the Crime Branch of Mumbai Police late on Monday night. He is accused of making obscene films and promoting them through the app. The court has sent the jail to police custody till Friday. However, his lawyer claims that the kind of films Raj used to make were vulgar, but not fetish.


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