Shahid finishes shooting for ‘Jersey’ in Uttarakhand


Mumbai, -Bollywood’s Chokletti heroes Shahid Kapoor and Mrinal Thakur have completed shooting for their upcoming film ‘Jersey’ in Uttarakhand.

Shahid Kapoor is currently working in the Hindi remake of the Telugu film ‘Jersey’. He will be seen in the role of a cricketer in this film. ‘Jersey’ is being directed by Gautam Tinnanauri. The Telugu version of this film has also been directed by Gautam. In the film, Mril Thakur opposite Shahid is working. Shahid and Mrinal have completed shooting in Uttarakhand. Shahid and Mrinal thanked the Uttarakhand government with their Twitter account.

Shahid Kapoor tweeted, “Another schedule of ‘Jersey’ is over. I want to thank the Uttarakhand government for letting us safely shoot their film schedule in many beautiful places in the state and We have successfully completed it. ”

Mrinal Thakur thanked the state government, saying, “I thank the Uttarakhand government for safely shooting the film’s schedule in many beautiful locations of the state and completing it successfully.”

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