Tales of Bollywood: When Rajkumar liked Govinda’s shirt, then started roaming around making handkerchiefs

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Entertainment Desk, Amar Ujala Published by: Lalit Phulara Updated Fri, 24 Sep 2021 06:22 PM IST

Late actor Raj Kumar is known for his powerful dialogues and acting. Many of his stories are famous in the film industry. He once made a handkerchief of actor Govinda’s shirt. Not only this, he started roaming around in his pocket. People in the industry used to call the arrogant prince even a freak. In fact, his strong nature was something like this. When he used to speak the dialogue of a film, the cinema hall would resonate with applause. He was known for his outspokenness in the film world as well as in his personal life.

Raj Kumar was neither afraid of anyone nor did he care to get angry with anyone. He is also known for his pride in the film industry. Many stories of his impetuosity are popular. He was such a person who could even ask his dog if he would act in a film. In the next slide, read the story of Rajkumar with Govinda’s shirt…


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