tamil nadu covid update today: 1,819 new covid cases and 27 deaths | COVID-19 Update: Today 1,819 people were infected with corona and 27 died


Chennai: Today, 1,819 people in Tamil Nadu are newly infected with corona. With this the number of infected people in Tamil Nadu has increased to 25,46,689 so far. In Chennai alone, 127 people have been newly infected with corona today.

In the last 24 hours, 27 people have died from corona infection. With this, the number of deaths due to the disease in Tamil Nadu has increased to 33,889. The number of people currently undergoing treatment in Tamil Nadu is 24,025.

Of the corona infections, 22 died today in government hospitals and 5 in private hospitals. The total death toll from the corona epidemic has reached 33,889 so far today.

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In Tamil Nadu, 2,583 people returned home today after recovering from an infection. With this, the number of people recovering from corona infection in Tamil Nadu has increased to 24,88,775.

A total of 1,41,758 samples were tested today, of which 1,819 were confirmed infected today. Today the epidemic includes 1,026 men and 793 women.

Today’s status:
Today’s impact – 1,819

• Today’s deaths – 27

Total damage – 25,46,689

• Today’s discharge – 2,583

Today’s tests – 1,41,758

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