“Tell me where the vaccine is available?”; Nia Sharma’s question to ‘those’ celebrities | nia sharam criticized celebrity who are appealing for covid vaccine kpw 89


Although coronary heart disease is on the rise in the country, large-scale vaccination is also underway. The Union Ministry of Health and Family Welfare has recently announced that a total of 15 crore 21 lakh people have been vaccinated across the country. Similarly, many celebrities are appealing to citizens to get vaccinated on social media.

The news of the long queue outside the vaccination center in the last few days can be seen in the news. Photos of large queues outside vaccination centers are also going viral on social media. Ashat actress Niya has targeted celebrities who appeal to people for serenity.

Niya Sharma has shared a tweet asking a question to celebrities promoting vaccination. She said, “Every awakened celebrity in this country is appealing to people to get vaccinated. Please also mention the names of the centers where vaccines are available so that the thousands of people standing in line all day do not look like fools. PS You need to get vaccinated. ”

Following Nia’s tweet, many fans have agreed to her post. One of the fans said, “Exactly right people are standing in line from morning till night to get vaccinated. However, vaccine is not available at many centers. If the government cares about the citizens, they should first ensure the availability of vaccines. ” That is what the user has said.

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First Published on April 30, 2021 4:34 pm

Web Title: nia sharam criticized celebrity who are appealing for covid vaccine kpw 89


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