These Bollywood actresses left the entertainment world for spirituality


  • Most people are willing to do anything to fulfill their material desires. At the same time, there are some people who abandon their luxury life and adopt spirituality in search of a better life.

    Many Bollywood stars have also left their luxury life and turned to spirituality.

    Today we are going to tell you about five such Bollywood actresses, who have said goodbye to the entertainment world for spirituality.

  • Zaira Wasim

    Zaira Wasim
  • Zaira Wasim, who worked in blockbuster films like ‘Dangal’ and ‘Secret Super Star’, surprised everyone by leaving the entertainment world in June last year.

    Many people say that a big religious organization is behind this, but Zaira denied that he is not finding happiness in this profession.

    According to him, “He got a lot of love and respect in the entertainment world, but it has also pushed me towards ignorance.”

  • Sana khan

    Sana khan
  • Bollywood film ‘Rea Tum Ho’ actress Sana Khan has also said goodbye to the entertainment world for spirituality.

    Sana, a Contestant of ‘Bigg Boss’, has worked in many films not only in Bollywood but also in South.

    Recently, she gave information through social media that she will abide by spirituality by staying away from glare.

    She says that she will now serve humanity by following the rules of Islam.

  • Sofia Hayat

    Sofia Hayat
  • Sofia Hayat, who came into the limelight from Bollywood film ‘Abeer 2’ and ‘Bigg Boss 7’, also embraced spirituality by saying goodbye to the entertainment world.

    Recently, he also appealed to fans of Sushant Singh Rajput to oppose ‘Bigg Boss’.

    Sophia has left her luxury life to become a nun. He has changed his name to Gaia Sophia Mother.

    According to reports, he has done this by being upset with the relationship.

  • Mamta Kulkarni

    Mamta Kulkarni
  • Mamta Kulkarni, the famous actress of the 90s who worked in films like ‘Karan Arjun’, ‘Chupa Rustom’ and ‘Tiranga’, has also left the entertainment world and embraced spirituality.

    Mamta is one of those actresses who did a topless photo shoot for the magazine cover at that time.

    However, now Mamata has given up the luxury life filled with glitter and became a sadhvi.

    According to Mamta, she is made only to serve God.

  • Anu Agrawal

    Anu Agrawal
  • The film career of actress Anu Aggarwal, who became famous overnight from the superhit Bollywood film ‘Aashiqui’, was not very successful.

    After much effort, he finally said goodbye to the entertainment world and embraced spirituality.

    After leaving the entertainment world, Anu started teaching yoga to poor children.

    At the same time, according to many people, he got stopped working in films after being injured in a car accident, so he embraced spirituality.

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