TNPL 2021: Salem Spartans vs Tiruppur; Salem Spartans won by 16 runs | TNPL 2021: Salem vs Tiruppur; Salem team wins


Chennai: The 3rd league matches of the Tamil Nadu Premier League were held in Chennai yesterday. The Tamil Nadu Premier League T20 cricket series is held annually on behalf of the Tamil Nadu Cricket Association. The league has been running since 2016. But the league was not held last year due to the corona spread.

In this case, the series for this year has begun and is currently underway. Accordingly the 7th League (TNPL 2021) match was held yesterday. In this, Tirupur Tamils ​​and Salem Spartans clashed.

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The Salem Spartans won the toss and elected to bat first and added 164 runs for the loss of 5 wickets. Captain Ferrario top-scored with 40 runs. Abhishek also scored 38 runs. Following this, Tirupur Tamils ​​started with a target of 165 to win.

Captain Francis hit a half-century and was out for 58. In the end, Tirupur scored only 148 for 8 while Salem Spartans won by 16 runs. Periyasamy, Murugan Ashwin and Pranesh took 2 wickets each for Salem.

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