Video: Bhojpuri singer Anjali Bharti’s wedding song Saat Phero Ke Saat Bachan ki Dhoom, got more than 23 million views


This Bhojpuri wedding song has gone viral on sight. Millions of views have been found on YouTube.

In Bhojpuri cinema, many wedding songs (Bhojpuri Shadi Song) become very famous because people love their melodious music and lyrics. One such marriage song ‘Saat Phero Ke Saat Bachan’ was released in the month of April this year, which has gone viral on sight. The song has received over 23 million views.

Video | Happy marriage Saat Phero Ke Saat Bachan | Seven leftovers of seven rounds. Superhit wedding song 2021 | Traditional Wedding Songs | The song ‘Saat Phero Ke Saat Bachan’ by Vijay Laxmi Bhojpuri Tune, a company known for making songs related to social issues, has set a new record with 23 million views. The song has received 2,39,88,976 views so far. This song is being liked by people a lot this time in the season of Lagan. This is the reason why this traditional song is getting record views.

It is a purely traditional wedding song, which is amazing. This song has been released on Vijay Laxmi Bhojpuri tune. The song stars Anand Mohan Pandey, Neha Siddiqui, Rajesh Mishra and Rupa Singh in the lead roles. This song is sung by Anjali Bharti. Lyrics is from Aman Albela. The music is from Lordji. The director is Ranjit Kumar Singh. The make up belongs to Jai Sharma and Hrithik.

Youtube Video

Vivah Geet (Bhojpuri Shadi Geet) ‘Saat Pheron Ke Saat Bachan’, according to the beliefs of Hindu religion, the importance of each Bacchan is told very easily. Hindu marriage is considered incomplete without this ritual. That’s why the importance of ‘Saat Phere Ke Saat Bachan’ is very important, which people can easily understand with this song. This precious seven bachchan has not been so simple in a song before.


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