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Wet Rose is one of the popular serials to be aired on Vijay TV. The entertainment serial was launched in July 2018. It is safe to say that the mouse for this series has not diminished since then. Pavithra plays the flower in this series. The actor is playing the material in the hit role. Siam, Sai Gayatri and many others are acting with them.

Wet Rose has a place on the list of serials that have been running very hit on Vijay TV for a few years. Also, a lot of rumors spread all over as the serial was going to stand in between. There were also changes of actors in the serial. However, the Wet Rose Serial has so far been running very successfully with the support of the people. And the storyline has started to heat up with the episodes that have come out in the last one week.

It is at this point that the serial team has given the fans another pleasant surprise. That is, Vijay TV is all set to present a super show for the Wet Rose serial. It has been reported that it is a celebration of the success of the serial. It is said that related events have also taken place recently. Fans who have heard this are eager to see the success celebration of the serial.

Sai Gayatri and Siam have as many fans as Pavithra and Dravida through the Wet Rose Serial. Sai Gayatri Bhuvanesh is from Madurai. He studied Visual Communication at DG Vaishnav College, Chennai. While studying in college he was anchoring in many channels. He continued to be a presenter on channels like JTV, Zee Tamil and Raj TV.

Only then did he make an entry into the logo screen. These are the times when you see his first serial. Largely though it did not take place in the minds of the people. It is noteworthy that after a long hiatus, Ninga became popular in the minds of the people through this serial. Also, their love scenes were very well received. Currently, there are some sad scenes in the storyline and fans are waiting for the true story to come out now.

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While waiting for what will happen next, the serial has been airing for 3 years and it is celebrating its success. It features all the artists of the serial. The Wet Rose series was previously run by Francis Kadiravan. After that Rishi is directing the story. Also the cinematographer of the series is Ramesh Durai.

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