What did these films get, star got the lottery – bollywood secret diary how amitabh got film don


  • What did these movies get, star got the lottery ..

    How to become a superstar? And why did not these directors work with those stars. Which superstar’s film is closed and who boycotted the media. You will find unheard stories of cinema only on Navbharat Gold, that too in ‘Secret Diary of Bollywood’, which is narrated by director Vivek Sharma. Born in Sanskardhani, Jabalpur, Vivek has made his mark with the best films in the film industry for nearly 25 years. His film ‘Bhootnath’ not only starred the century megastar Amitabh Bachchan, but this film also eradicated the fear of ghosts from the minds of children (the aim of this podcast is not to hurt any person, group and ideology).

    Vivek Sharma

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