Yash Chopra felt the film’s climax


25 years of DDLJ: Yash Chopra felt the film’s climax
PTI / October 21, 2020

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Mumbai, October 20 (Language) In ‘Dil Wale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge’, when Chaudhary Baldev Singh, the character of Amrish Puri, leaves his daughter Simran (Kajol) at the railway station and says ‘Ja Simran Jaa’, this scene has made everyone Won the heart. But the producer of the film, the late Yash Chopra, before seeing the reaction of the audience felt that it is a very ‘cliché’ climax and there is nothing special in it.

Manmohan Singh, the cinematographer who brought beautiful views of the country and abroad to us at DDLJ, recalls, “Initially many people, including Yashji, felt that the climax would not work. We thought that the film is so good, but by the end, the same remains clichéd. There is a very simple end where the father leaves his daughter’s hand. We were not very satisfied about it, not before the shooting, but also after it. ”

DDLJ is the love story of Raj and Simran (Shah Rukh Khan and Kajol’s character). The two fall in love with Europe, but when they return to Punjab, they do not forget their traditions, remember them and try to convince their family.

The film completed 25 years on Tuesday. On this occasion, Singh recalls how Aditya Chopra told him the story of his first film.

While filming DDLJ, Singh must have been some 46 years old, he says that his concerns about the film’s climax were overcome when he saw the audience playing applause and whistles.

He says, “Yash ji had some problems, but it seemed that it would work.” Aditya also believed that it is not perfect, but he told us that there is no other way, the film will have to end here. But when we heard people playing applause and whistles, we were all pleasantly surprised. We had no idea that it would go on, even after decades, it was far from being in the minds of the people. ”

DDLJ was the 50th film for Javed Siddiqui, who has written dialogues for films like ‘Umrao Jaan’, Yash Chopra’s ‘Darr’ and ‘Baazigar’.

Siddiqui said that Aditya Chopra’s script had a story of romance that is right for any phase. He explains that many people were not ready for such a romantic, musical film that was shot in many continents.

The 78-year-old screenwriter told PTI, “When the film was being made, nobody thought it would break all the records.” Many people had doubts. The very important person of Yash Raj film told me not to do such foolishness in Yashji Se Kaho’s film. He also said that this is not a film, it is a travelogue.

But DDLJ redefined romance in Hindi cinema and proved wrong to those who did not say it. Not only this, the DDLJ show continued in the Maratha temple in Mumbai before its lockdown from March to March 2020, which was closed only due to the closure of the theater in the epidemic. It is the only film on screen in the country for so many days.

Siddiqui says that the credit for this long success of the film should be attributed to its story, the music of Jatin-Lalit and the chemistry between Shah Rukh-Kajol.

“He brought the characters alive,” he says. The story is so impressive that even today when you watch the film, you forget that Kajol and Shah Rukh’s children have grown up. That bus binds you over time and you stop there. This is the greatest quality.

After the film, some of her dialogues from ‘Palat’, ‘Ja Simran Jaa, Ji Le Apni Zindagi’ and ‘In big countries, such small things happen’, ‘Senorita’ has carved a firm place in society.

He says that without the lines that the film cannot be thought of today, she was not a part of the film from the beginning.

Like Raj calls Simran ‘Senorita’ throughout the film which is said to be for girls in Spanish. The word in the film did not come at the time of DDLJ, but was the result of Siddiqui and Kajol’s first meeting when he visited the actress to tell her the story of ‘Baazigar’.

Siddiqui says, “When I met him, he was wearing a Spanish frock and looked ‘Spanish beauty'”. At that time, I praised him as Senorita and he remained in my mind. In the film, when Raj was deciding which name Raj would call Simran, ‘Lady’, ‘Darling’, ‘Baby’. What will he say? Then I remembered ‘Senorita’. ”

Though the entire story of DDLJ is about convincing the girl’s father for love together with Raj and Simran, but the story features Simran’s mother, Farida Jalal, a very high-minded, intelligent and supportive daughter. The woman belongs to

Siddiqui says that in a scene when Simran’s mother talks to him about the secret in Punjab, all the dialogues at that time without any background scene reach the audience’s mind that how a mother wants her daughter She gets the opportunity, freedom she ever wanted for herself, but never got. At that time, everyone can feel his pain.

Interestingly, this dialogue between Lajo and Simran is from a Bhojpuri film made by actor-producer Nazir Hussain.

Siddiqui says, “He wrote the scene of mother and daughter, it inspired me a lot.” I thought of doing something similar here too. There is a very good line in it, when a daughter grows up she becomes a friend. ”

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