Carter Ramaswamy, who played Wimbledon, Davis Cup and Test cricket, missing for 40 years!


Carter Ramaswamy played two Tests for Team India.

Carter Ramaswami is one of the few cricketers who represented the country in two sports. Before playing cricket, he had landed in Davis Cup and Tennis Grand Slam tournament Wimbledon.

New Delhi. The Indian cricketer, who made his Test debut in 1936 at the age of 40, is still missing. After the disappearance of former Indian cricketer Carter Ramaswami, neither evidence of his being alive nor dead has been found. However, he is presumed dead. He was born on this day i.e. 16 June 1896 in Madras (now Chennai). Apart from cricket, he also played tennis for the country. He left the house on 15 October 1985, but did not return.

Carter Ramaswamy had played an international match of tennis for India before playing cricket. Entered the Davis Cup in 1922. The team defeated Romania in the first round match. But the team lost to Spain in the second round. Ramaswamy, however, managed to win both his doubles matches. He was successful in winning local tournaments while studying at Cambridge University from 1919 to 1923.

Has also entered Grand Slam tournaments

Carter Ramaswamy also landed at Wimbledon in 1922. He won the first round match. But he got defeated in the second round. In 1923, he won the title by defeating Gordon Lowe in three sets in the final of the South of England Championship. Carter Ramaswamy is one of the three Indian cricketers to have represented the country in two sports as a cricketer. MJ Gopalan and Yuzvendra Chahale, who is in the current Indian team, have also done so. Ramaswamy’s father, two brothers, son and nephew have also played cricket.Got a chance to play cricket at the age of 40

Carter Ramaswamy got the opportunity to play Test in July 1936 at the age of 40. In this Test held in Manchester, England, he scored 40 and 60 runs. This match was a draw. He played the last Test against England in August 1936 at The Oval. 29 and 41 not out. However, the team got defeated in this match. Ramaswamy also used to bowl fast with the right arm. He scored 2400 runs in 53 first-class matches at an average of 29. He scored 2 centuries and 12 half-centuries. Also took 30 wickets as a bowler. His best performance was 4 wickets for 29 runs. He left the house on 15 October 1985 and never returned. Many times the news of his appearance came here and there. But now he has been considered dead.


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