Helmets made in India are the choice of captains of England-Pakistan, made special changes at the behest of Shikhar Dhawan


New Delhi. The player, umpire, referee, field, spectators and cricket kit all have their own importance in the game of cricket. Cricket kit not only helps the players to play, but also ensures the safety of the players. There are many such items in the kit of cricket, which would help in protecting the players from injury while playing. Cricket helmet is one such important part of the life of cricketers. With the help of helmet, the batsman can bat without any fear on the field. Due to the helmet, the players get the courage to be fearless. So let’s know about the helmets that cricketers use not only in the country but also abroad.

Raghav Kohli from Jalandhar is the founder and managing director of Shrey Sports. The helmets made by him are used not only by the players of India but also by the cricketers from abroad. Keeping in mind the time, circumstances and the likes and dislikes of the players, many changes have been made in the helmet so far. These changes have been made keeping in mind the safety of the players as well as their convenience. Talking about Shrey’s helmet, Raghav Kohli said that wherever cricket is played, our helmets go there. Talking about the international team, 60 to 70 percent of the players of all international teams like England, Australia, New Zealand wear these helmets. Steve Smith of Australia, Captain of England, Captain of Pakistan also use Shrey’s helmet.

Neckguard launched after Phil Hughes’ death

What changed in the helmet after the death of Phil Hughes? Responding to this question, Raghav said, “The ball was hit backwards to Phil Hughes. He got the ball behind the helmet. So we launched the neckguard with the helmet, which prevents the ball from hitting the back of the player’s head, as the helmet doesn’t go all the way down. In such a situation, there is a danger of hitting the ball towards the neck. In such a situation, we made neckguard, so that the players can get more safety and security.Helmets are designed keeping in mind the British Safety Standards

He further said, “We are an international brand. For us the safety of the players is first. In such a situation, we had launched new safety strands in association with the ICC and the England Cricket Board. They are called British Safety Standards. In that it was decided that whatever helmet will come in the market now, it will be tested and stifled. Any player can enter the cricket field only by wearing a tested helmet. If the player’s helmet is not tested, then he will not come to play on the field. A major point in that testing was that the ball was thrown from a machine at a speed of 150 km. And it was seen that the gap between the upper part of the helmet and the grille, from where the player sees, does not cross the ball at a speed of 150 km.

Before this safety standards, players used to get a lot of injuries on the nose.

Raghav Kohli said, “You must have seen that before this safety standards, players used to get a lot of injury on the nose, because the ball goes through the middle. Now with the introduction of new helmets and standards, that is over. Some young players say that if they wear a helmet, they have trouble seeing the ball. On this, Raghav Kohli said that there is no solution for this. Earlier players were used to wearing this type of helmet, whose grille was adjusted. With this he used to increase his gap a lot, but its disadvantage was that if the ball came fast and the batsman missed the shot, then there is a big risk of damage to the mouth.

Now the grille adjusting helmet stops working

New batsmen complain about not being able to adjust or clearly visible in the helmet? On this, he said, “Players complain about it, but now they have also become accustomed to it. Now these helmets have been brought for the safety of the players, but now the players have become accustomed to these helmets. In IPL, even in international cricket, now the grille adjusting helmets have stopped running. It is also necessary for the safety of the players.

International level cricketers wear top brand titanium helmets

Raghav Kohli said, “Big international level cricketers wear top brand titanium helmets. We have three types of helmets – there is a helmet, whose visor is made of steel. After that comes the second, its visor is made of stainless steel. And the visor of the third one is made of titanium. Titanium is a very strong and light weight material. Titanium helmet weighs only 750 grams. Many international players use titanium helmets only, because it is very strong and is very light weight.

On the advice of Shikhar Dhawan, he has brought a new technology helmet

Raghav Kohli said, “We had launched a new helmet, which was worn by the players during the IPL and the India-England series as well. Players like Shikhar Dhawan, Hardik Pandya, Krunal Pandya, Moeen Ali have used the same helmet. A new technology has come for that helmet. This technology comes from Monaco. Monaco is in South France. The name of this technique is – Koroyd. This is a safety technique, which we have got a license to use in cricket. This technology is used in aircraft.

He further said, “In this technique, as much as the player wants to play cricket in the heat or as much as he wants, he will not have the problem of heat and sweat. Because the air flow in it is very good. It also becomes easier for the player to breathe. It does not feel hot and sweat does not stay on the head. These are the latest because Shikhar Dhawan gave me feedback especially two-and-a-half years ago that our helmets are very good, but when we play in a hot country, it keeps sweating and the heat is too much. So do something about it. So we have brought this technique keeping this in mind and now Shikhar Dhawan is very happy with it. And he is using the same new helmet. Due to this new technology, the reason for the helmet has been reduced by 50 grams even more.

Raghav Kohli said that whenever we have to develop something new or launch a new product, we work with the players, because we are making all this for the players, then it should be beneficial and comfortable for them. .


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