(IPL 2021) The biggest hurdle in completing the remaining matches of IPL 2021 has been found!


The IPL 2021 suspension was announced on May 4. Due to the corona positive of the members of four teams in the IPL. By the time IPL was stopped, a total of 29 matches had been played. There are still about half the league matches left.

In such a situation, the big question before the IPL Governing Council and the BCCI is which window to hold the remaining matches of the IPL, i.e. in time. The BCCI was just looking for a window for IPL 2021 when a statement came from the England and Wales Cricket Board. From this statement, it seems that in the next window of IPL season 2021, England’s central contract players will hardly be seen playing for IPL teams.

The biggest hurdle in completing IPL 2021

The IPL was to be completed in the April-May window in the 2021 cricket calendar. But May was completely ruined because of Kovid. Now the big problem for IPL is how to complete the rest of the IPL. Meanwhile, ECB Cricket Director Ashley Giles has said-

“We don’t know what the schedule will be for the rest of the IPL matches. When and where will these be. Our schedule is very busy this season due to the matches against New Zealand. We have to play T20 World Cup and then Ashes. We also have to take care that our players are not overloaded. “

Following this statement from England cricket, it is looking difficult for England players to play in IPL 2021.

Team India Abbuse
Indian team. Photo: AP

Anyway, if you take a look at this year’s cricket calendar, the IPL has no windows. Understand from the calendar how.

# The Indian team is scheduled to travel to England in June. There will be the final of the World Test Championship.
# After this, the Indian team will go to Sri Lanka to play ODI series in July.
# The Pataudi Test series will be played with England in August-September.
# The T20 World Cup is scheduled for September-October upon returning from England.

This is the calendar of India. Also England has a very busy schedule.

# The England team is scheduled to play a Test series against New Zealand in June.
#Then play white ball series with Pakistan and Sri Lanka.
# In addition, England’s Future Tour program includes tours to Pakistan and Bangladesh in September-October.
# While they have to play Ashes series after T20 World Cup.

England’s refusal could cost the IPL dearly. The reason behind this is the English cricketers playing in the IPL.

A total of 14 English players are playing in IPL 2021. These 14 players are present in six IPL teams. Mumbai Indians and Royal Challengers Bangalore are the only teams without any England player.

In such a case, these IPL teams may have to suffer the loss of England players not being available.

Which players are in which teams and how did they perform?


MS Dhoni’s CSK has two English players in the form of Moin Ali and Sam Karan. They are key members of CSK’s campaign. Moin has batted at number three for CSK. Total 206 runs scored. Along with runs, he also took five wickets in economical bowling. He is the 13th highest run scorer in the IPL. Moin’s innings was characterized by a strike rate of over 150. Due to which CSK team remained number two in the points table till IPL stopped.

Moeen Ali (5)
Moin Ali. Photo: PTI

Apart from Moin, Sam Karan is the leader of Dhoni’s pace attack. Be it Deepak Chahar or Shardul Thakur. Sam Karan has teamed up with CSK bowling in the last two seasons. Karan has also taken nine wickets and scored 52 runs in IPL 2021.


Number one team until IPL season 2021 stops. The team has three England players. Tom Karan, Chris Vokes and Sam Billings. Chris Vokes is the trump card of Delhi Capitals. Whether bowling or batting, Vokes is the team’s most powerful all-rounder. Vokes has played just three matches this season. But he has taken five wickets in it. If Vokes does not play in the next tournament, then Delhi’s problems may increase.

Sam Billings has not played a single match in the first seven matches, while Tom Karan’s performance this season has not been that good.


KKR is one of the select teams in the IPL to have a foreign captain. KKR’s foreign captain is also from England. Ann Morgan. With great preparation, KKR had made Morgan the captain for the IPL season 2021. But neither Morgan’s bat nor the team’s performance this season. The team has played a total of seven matches so far this season, in which they have managed to win only two.

Eoin Morgan 2
Ann Morgan. Photo: PTI

Captain Morgan’s bat performed as poorly as the team. He played a total of seven matches and scored just 92 runs. But it remains to be seen how the team will fare if a world champion captain is not part of the rest of KKR’s campaign.


The campaign of the Punjab Kings team has been mixed this season. KL Rahul left the captaincy in the middle due to stomach problems. But after one match, the IPL was suspended. So it was good for Punjab. But if Chris Jordan and David Malan do not join the team in the next tournament, then the team may get into trouble.

Both of these players come from England. David Malan did not get many chances till halfway through IPL. But he is the number one player in the current World T20 rankings. Chris Jordan did not appear in rhythm this season but he is a key member of the Punjab Kings’ campaign. Jordan has played three matches this season, taking two wickets.


The Sunrisers Hyderabad team is also a team dominated by foreign players. But there are only two players from England. Johnny Bairstow and Jason Roy. The team snatched the mid-season captaincy from David Warner this season and handed it over to Williamson.

But soon after, the IPL was suspended. If Bairstow and Roy do not stay with Hyderabad for the rest of the season, then Williamson’s captaincy may also look light. Bairstow is the team’s specialist opener. Bairstow has been playing these roles in the Hyderabad team for years. He has scored 248 runs in seven matches this season. He gave the team a fast start every time.

Jonny Bairstow 3
Johnny Bairstow. Photo: PTI

However, Jason Roy did not get a chance to play. But Roy is also known for his stormy batting. In this case, if these two players do not come, then Hyderabad will have to look for alternatives.


Rajasthan Royals is the team of IPL whose captain is a native but the biggest strength of his campaign is the players of England. The team has the most English players in the form of Ben Stokes, Jose Butler, Joffra Archer and Liam Livingston.

Stokes, Archer and Butler have been part of the team’s core group for years. Even in the playing XI, his place remains unquestioned.

Ben Stokes has returned from playing just one match this season with a finger fracture. Joffra Archer also missed half of the season due to a hand injury. But Jose Butler was the only English player to play in all seven matches this season. Also performed brilliantly. Butler started Rajasthan’s innings this season with 254 runs.

Jos Buttler 3
Jose Butler. Photo: PTI

Apart from Butler, Liam Livingston has not had a chance to play a single match this season.

Now it is certain that if the England players do not come in the rest of the IPL season 2021, then the campaign of Rajasthan Royals may get a big shock.

This was the performance of England players in IPL 2021. These are the six teams with a handful of English players. But the two teams that will not be affected by the news of England’s future tour program are Virat Kohli’s RCB and Rohit Sharma’s Mumbai Indians. Both teams did not bid on any England players.

It remains to be seen whether the rest of the teams and the IPL itself can persuade the England and Wales Cricket Board.

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