Sachin’s balls used to bother Sachin the most, painful end of life


Hansi Cronje dismissed Sachin Tendulkar 5 times in Test cricket (Photo-Sachin Twitter)

The legendary player bowled out Sachin Tendulkar 3 times in 32 ODIs, but was dismissed 5 times in 11 Tests. Sachin himself confessed that he used to bother the batsman’s balls.

New Delhi. In the past, there has hardly been any such bowler in the world, who has succeeded in creating awe in the mind of Sachin Tendulkar, the great cricketer of India. Whoever made such an attempt in front of Sachin, the Indian batsman smacked that bowler as much. Sachin faced bowlers like Gleen McGrath, Shane Warne, Wasim Akram, Courtney Walsh in his 24-year-long international career, but all these bowlers could not even bother him. Sachin Tendulkar was most troubled by the South African player’s balls.

He revealed at a summit a few years ago that he had trouble facing former South African captain Hansi Cronje. Cronje dismissed Sachin 3 times in 32 ODIs, but 5 times in 11 Tests. Hansi Cronje’s career may have been very short, but he had shown his sporting prowess to the world’s prolific batsmen.

In June 2002, in a plane crash, 32-year-old Hansie Cronje said goodbye to the world. (File photo)

Secret of death: However, his career was ended by match fixing and then he died in a plane crash exactly 19 years ago, which even today seems no less than a mystery. Actually, about 21 years ago, there was an earthquake in the cricket world when a big name like Hansi Cronje came up in the matter of fixing. He had also confessed to giving information to the bookies and fixing the match. At that time many other names came up and the whole cricket world was shaken by this. Two years after this case, on June 1, 2002, in a plane crash, 32-year-old Cronje said goodbye to the world.Rishabh Pant, the player who was not given a chance, he was selected as the best cricketer of South Africa

3 o’clock in the morning Cronje tried himself in business after getting hit by cricket. He earned a master’s degree in business leadership and was preparing to start the second innings that in 2002 he said goodbye to the world. Cronje played 68 Tests and 188 ODIs for South Africa. He captained South Africa in 53 Test matches. Cronje’s name in the cricket world was quite big, South Africa Cricket Board MD Ali Becher was also confident of Cronje’s honesty, but four days after the accusation, Cronje called him at 3 in the morning and told him that he was completely honest Were not.

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Prediction of death: A few years ago, in an interview to the BCC, Cronje’s elder brother France revealed that Cronje had seen his death a decade earlier. Cronje once said that we travel a lot for cricket. Sometimes by bus, sometimes by plane. Now it seems that I will die in a plane crash.


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