Virat Kohli’s coach considers this bowler a threat, says – tim southee is a big threat for virat kohli childhood coach rajkumar sharma wtc final


Virat Kohli was ‘warned’ by childhood coach Rajkumar Sharma (PC-AFP)

Tim Southee has dismissed Virat Kohli 10 times in international cricket. The Indian captain’s childhood coach Rajkumar Sharma has described him as the biggest threat.

New Delhi. Team India captain Virat Kohli is eyeing to win the World Test Championship but he will have to face many troubles to become the champion. The biggest problem for Virat is New Zealand fast bowler Tim Southee, who has dismissed the Indian captain 10 times in international cricket. Virat Kohli’s childhood coach Rajkumar Sharma himself has also told Tim Southee a big threat. During a conversation on a private channel, Rajkumar Sharma said that Virat Kohli knows very well what mistakes he makes against Saudis and he will have to avoid them in the World Test Championship final.

Rajkumar Sharma told India News, ‘It is not that Virat Kohli does not know where he is making a mistake, but despite this, Saudi got him out 10 times, so it is a matter of concern. Virat Kohli will have to work on leaving the ball outside the off-stump.

Saudi’s length is a threat to Virat-Coach

Rajkumar Sharma told that Tim Southee’s length is a threat to Virat Kohli. He said, ‘The Saudis consistently bowl at such lengths where the batsman has to decide whether to play or leave the ball. Tim Southee swings the ball well. It becomes impossible to play them if the wicket is helpful at all.’ Rajkumar Sharma said that Tim Southee and Virat Kohli have played against each other since the era of Under-19. Tim Southee’s strategy is better against Virat Kohli. Rajkumar Sharma advised that Virat Kohli should play a careful cover drive against Tim Southee.

Saudi showed his strength

Let us tell you that Tim Southee has come in excellent form before the World Test Championship final. Saudi took 6 wickets for just 43 runs in the Lord’s Test against England, which is his best performance in Test cricket. If it is cloudy in Southampton, then surely Saudi can create trouble for Team India.


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