Are WWE veteran The Rock and John Cena good friends in real life?


The rivalry between The Rock and John Cena in the WWE has always been spectacular. They were always on display at WrestleMania’s main event. On screen, the two played a lot of animosity. Everyone has the same question in their mind whether these two are friends in real life or not? Fans have not been able to find the answer to this question till date. The two always complimented each other but never showed friendship.

John Cena and The Rock have a great history in the WWE

Some time ago on the Jimmy Kimmel Live show The Rock had said that they have a good relationship with Cena and the two are best friends. John Cena was asked a week later in the same show about The Rock’s comment. Cena made a slightly different statement. John Cena said that he is not the best friend of The Rock. Cena also said that his rivalry with The Rock will always be on screen but they are friends after the ring.

Looking at these things, it seems that in real life, The Rock and Cena are friends but close friends are not of each other. By the way, there are many interviews where both have accused each other. Especially if you look at John Cena appeared quite angry many times.

John Cena and The Rock are currently the biggest superstars in Hollywood. The Rock has not been seen in WWE for a long time and is the highest grossing superstar in Hollywood. Cena is now on the path of The Rock. Cena has also been playing the role of part-timer in the WWE for the past few years. Cena returned to MITB PPV a few days back a year ago. After a month of showing action, Cena will go back to his shooting.


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