Goldberg Practicing His Signature Move Spear WWE Video Viral


WWE Video of Goldberg: Watch Goldberg practice hitting, watch the video of the deadly bet

WWE Video of Goldberg: Video shared by WWE wrestler Goldberg

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WWE Wrestler Goldberg is known for his betting Spear Jackhammer. Once he makes that bet on a wrestler, he can’t get up in the ring again. Jack Hammer is Goldberg’s finishing bet. The wrestling legend has shared a video on his Instagram in which he is seen practicing his collision move on the field. This style of hitting Goldberg (WWE Video of Goldberg) will blow the mind of any wrestler.

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Goldberg’s Spear Bet
Goldberg Spear has shared this video reminiscent of its old days in football. Of course this kind of collision is killed in football but he also uses it in the WWW ring, ‘remembering the old days of football … I’m far from good form but violence exists …’ Goldberg’s bet is known as Spear. He strikes in such a way that the opponent loses his senses.

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Goldberg’s career
The 54-year-old WWE wrestler Goldberg’s full name is William Scow Goldberg (Goldberg WWE). He is currently involved in a part-time deal with the WWE and is best known for World Championship Wrestling (WCW). Goldberg has a record of not losing a single match between 1997 and 1998. He has appeared in several Hollywood films, including Universal Soldier: The Return.


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