Randy Orton hints at winning the Royal Rumble next year, equaling the WWE veteran’s record if he wins

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WWE has made a big announcement regarding the date, place and fan entry of Royal Rumble 2022. The PPV event will take place on January 29 (January 30 in India) at The Dome America Center in St. Louis, Missouri. Let me tell you, this is the hometown of WWE legend Randy Orton. Randy Orton has signaled to equal Steve Austin’s record by winning the Royal Rumble.

WWE legend Randy Orton has won two Rumble matches

Randy Orton has won the Royal Rumble twice. In 2009 he won the Rumble match for the first time. Triple H was finally eliminated by him. Royal Rumble 2017 was followed by Randy Orton. This time Orton gave a big signal through a tweet on social media.

Seeing these tweets, you must have understood what Randy Orton is trying to say. He has won Rumble matches twice and will now win Rumble matches for the third time. Steve Austin has won the Rumble match three times and Randy Orton will match him.

Randy Orton is one of WWE’s biggest superstars. He is always a contender to win the Rumble match. He has been working in WWE for many years. He has also won 14 world championships. What Randy Orton has achieved in WWE is something no one can do now. Randy Orton is the oldest wrestler in the current roster and is working as an active wrestler. Fans are quite happy with his presence in the Red brand.

Randy Orton is doing a great job with Riddle. Riddle and Randy Orton also have the Raw Tag Team Championship. The two have done a great job together so far. If Randy Orton wins the Rumble match for the third time, he will get a new position. Fans also want Randy Orton to match Steve Austin’s record. It remains to be seen whether Randy Orton will be able to do these feats.


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