The former WWE Superstar revealed the special advice given to him by John Moxley

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NZo alias Enzo Amore, who has been a part of WWE, was a guest on Piers Austin’s show recently. NZo made a big revelation during this interview. nZo revealed that when he and John Moxley (Dean Ambrose) were part of WWE, John gave them great advice.

Talking to Austin, nZo talked about his 7 year long career in WWE and said that he had a great time at the company. He stated that he was not saddened to be out of WWE and revealed that Moxley had advised him not to allow WWE to use him.

“I spent 7 years in the WWE and it was exactly like the story and this thing involved my being fired from the company. It was a very different time. I had a great time. I had no regrets about my run in the WWE. No. I have no animosity towards the company in my mind. “

“I got one of the best advice in pro wrestling at the beginning of my career. Moxley told me not to let him (WWE) use me. Also, he told me to use him. Work on your own terms and they’ve got the Big Money Deal once again. “

A look at Enzo Amore’s WWE career

Enzo had a lot of success in WWE NXT after coming up with Big Cass. However, these two superstars did not win tag team titles in NXT but these two superstars were one of the popular tag teams and these two superstars remained popular even after coming to Raw.

However, later on, Big Cass ended the team against Enzo. Enzo then appeared in WWE’s cruiserweight division and had considerable success in that division. Finally, in the year 2018, they were released.

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