Veterans participating in the main event of WrestleMania 37 joined AEW, a big shock to WWE?


Bad news for WWE fans. reports that Daniel Bryan has signed AEW. The report says that this is one hundred percent true. WWE must have been shocked to hear this news because Brian has a big name in the world of wrestling. Brian was also the WWE Champion for 145 days in the year 2019. This time Brian was also seen in the main event of WrestleMania 37.

A big blow to WWE

This report reveals many things about Brian’s joining AEW. Daniel Bryan has been a big name in WWE. Brian’s name comes at the top of the list of veterans. Brian was always well supported by the fans in the arena. According to the report, Brian now wants to work on a shorter schedule. More money than WWE is being given to them by AEW regarding this schedule.

The report also states that no one knows when Brian will make his AEW debut. In fact Brian didn’t have much freedom creatively in the WWE. In AEW this thing will come in their hands and they can do good work on their character.

Brian has been working at WWE for the past 11 years. He first signed for WWE in 2009. He returned in 2010 after being released for a short time. He last appeared in the WWE in April this year. Brian’s Universal Championship match was against Roman Reyns in Smackdown. He lost this match. As per the condition of the match, Daniel Bryan did not appear in Blue Brand after this.

News came a few days later that Brian’s WWE contract had expired and he had officially become a free agent. However, Brian did not comment on the matter in public. PWInsider reported a week ago that WWE had no plans to bring Daniel Bryan back. It was decided that Brian would hardly return to the WWE.

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