TRP Week 24: ‘Anupama’ continues to dominate the TRP list, these two reality shows enter the top 5

Mumbai: Serials have rocked the small screen. There are many serials which are in tremendous headlines these days. Meanwhile, the TRP rating of the 24th week of TV shows has come to the fore and like every time, this time too, the Saas-Bahu drama dominated the TRP list. This week saw a big stir in … Read more

Naitik-Akshara, Anupama-Vanraj… TV romantic couples who don’t see each other’s face in real life

Often couples who show romance on screen in TV serials fall in love even in real life. It is also natural for this to happen because daily soap actors have to spend 12-12 hours shooting. In such a situation, there are many couples who get the real ‘love’ of their life only on the sets … Read more

Funny memes on Twitter about ‘Anupama’ after becoming number-1 in TRP

There is an outpouring of memes on social media regarding ‘Anupama’. (Photo Credits: Twitter) The happiness of being number one in the TRP list of ‘Anupamaa’ is being seen among the fans. The lead actress of the show Rupali Ganguly narrated a lot to Kavya. Hearing the dialogue, fans are fiercely tweeting and sharing memes. … Read more

Fans unhappy with Vanraj and Kavya’s wedding, new twist in Anupamaa

‘Anupama’ has been a number one show for a long time (Photo courtesy: Instagram / sudanshu_pandey) Vanraj (Vanraj) and Kavya (Kavya) have got married in the TV show ‘Anupamaa’, this has broken the audience’s heart, but it has given a new twist to the story. New Delhi. In the TV number one show ‘Anupamaa’, Vanraj … Read more

‘Indian Idol 12’ OUT from TRP list, this show surpasses Anupam’s number-1

‘Gum hai kisi ki pyar mein’ and ‘Anupamaan’ both air on Star Plus. Photo courtesy- file photo In this week’s TRP list, Anupamaa has slipped from the first number. The serial ‘Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai’ (Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata hai) has made a tremendous comeback in this list. Mumbai. What the public has given … Read more

Rupali Ganguly misses the family on the sets of Anupama, said – miss home very much

Photo courtesy: @RupaliGanguli instagram Rupali Ganguly recently shared a photo of herself on social media and told how much she misses her house. Due to the lockdown in Maharashtra, there is no shooting of serials in Mumbai. Due to which the shooting of serials has to be done in other cities. Mumbai. Serial ‘Anupamaa’ Rupali … Read more

Anupama or Tamarind .. Every TV show has the same story, two women are behind one hero.

A set formula is showing these days in TV shows. It seems that ‘formula making’ is still proving to be the most successful mantra in the world of Indian TV serials. The theme of all the shows in ‘Anupamaa’, ‘Gum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein’, or ‘Imli’ (Imlie) TV these days has been subsumed around the … Read more

Ghum Hai Kisikey took the TRP list, replacing Anupamaa, Neil Bhatt reacted

Anupama and Missing is a scene in love of someone. This week in the TV show ‘Gum Hai Kisi Pyar Mein’ (Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin), there were some twists and turns that the show has made it to number 1 on the TRP chart. Neil Bhatt (Neil Bhatt), the lead actor of ‘Gum Hai … Read more

Anupamaa, Preview Episode, 5 May 2021, Rupali Ganguly, Star Plus, Disney Plus Hot Star, Online In: Anupamaa: Kavya was shocked after listening to Vanraj; Now Anupama took a big decision; Twisted twist in the story

Anupamaa, Preview Episode, 5 May 2021: The show Anupama has a very interesting twist at the moment. Anupama is going to take a big decision in the coming days. On the other hand, Anupama’s husband Vanraj has made up his mind not to leave Anupama. Here, Kavya is worried that Vanraj is wavering over his … Read more

Anupamaa, Preview Episode, 4 May 2021, Rupali Ganguly, Star Plus, Disney Plus Hot Star, Online In Hindi: Anupamaa: Kavya told such a thing to Anupama, Vanraj could not control his anger! Know what happened then? – Anupamaa: Kavya told such a thing for Anupama, Vanraj could not control his anger! Know what happened then?

Anupamaa, Preview Episode, 4 May 2021: The show Anupama has a very interesting twist. Vanraj is being drawn towards Anupama in the show. Here Kavya is roasting water after seeing all this. Vanraj realizes what Anupama is to her? The family is incomplete without Anupama, and how much Anupama means to her and her family. … Read more