The iconic romantic couple who simply celebrated their 5th wedding anniversary.!

Amit Bhargav and Sriranjani Sundaram are celebrating their 5th wedding anniversary. Amit and Sriranjani have expressed their love for each other on social media. Amit and Sriranjani both celebrated their fifth wedding anniversary with family members quite simply as the lockdown continues in many places due to the spread of corona infection. Amit Bhargava has … Read more

Yashika Aannand critical after car accident; case registered | Terrible car accident; Case registered against actress Yashika Anand

Yashika Anand made her Tamil debut with the film Jeeva – Kajal Agarwal starrer Don’t Worry. He has since starred in several films, including Poles Sixteen, Rogue in the Dark Room, and Nota. Following this, Yashika Anand became famous by participating in the 2nd season of Bigg Boss 2018. He is currently busy acting in … Read more

alya manasa drives yamaha bike video goes viral | யமஹா பைக்கை தனி ஒட்டி அசத்திய ஆல்யா மானசா

Actress Alia Mansa has received rave reviews for her role as Semba in the Raja Rani serial aired on Vijay TV. Many people still do not know her real name but many people will suddenly ask if Semba is the one who starred in the O Raja Rani serial. Vijay is currently playing the character … Read more