Veena wandering with Pathak Baini; Watch Actress’s Journey – Marathi News | marathi tv actress akshaya deodhar and veena jagtap leh ladakh trip photo

By Online Referendum | Published: September 28, 2021 04:30 PM2021-09-28T16: 30: 50 + 5: 302021-09-28T16: 36: 23 + 5: 30 akshaya and veena leh ladakh trip: Veena, who is active in the media, recently shared photos of her Led Ladakh trip. Veena Jagtap and Akshay Deodhar are two veteran actresses in the Marathi art world. … Read more

In real life, Neha’s daughter-in-law is extremely glamorous; Learn about her real life – Marathi News | mazi tuzi reshimgathi fame actress swati deval photos and family

By Online Referendum | Published: September 28, 2021 03:02 PM2021-09-28T15: 02: 11 + 5: 302021-09-28T15: 11: 26 + 5: 30 Swati deval: Various films and dramas like ‘Navari Mile Navaryala’, ‘Chal Dhar Pakad’, ‘Amhi Satpute’, ‘One to Ka 4’, ‘Asa Mi Asami’, ‘Kunku’, ‘Wadalwat’, ‘Pudcham Paul’ And from the series, Swati played various roles. The … Read more

King and Queen’s pair: Kusumavati tried to kill Aparna? – Marathi News | marathi tv serial raja rani chi ga jodi kusumavati and aparna war

HighlightsColors Marathi has shared a promo of ‘Raja Ranichi Gam Jodi’ on their official Instagram page. The series that makes a storm on the small screen is the King and Queen couple. The series, which won the hearts of the viewers in a short span of time, has now taken an interesting turn. Every day … Read more

Hottest family! Sunny Leone’s daughter-in-law also beats her in terms of boldness – Marathi News | bollywood actress sunny leones daughter in law karishma naidu photos

By Online Referendum | Published: September 27, 2021 05:20 PM2021-09-27T17: 20: 55 + 5: 302021-09-27T17: 27: 18 + 5: 30 Sunny Leone: Sunny’s daughter-in-law’s name is Karishma Naidu and she is very active on social media. Sunny Leone is an actress who has made her Bollywood debut in the porn industry. Sunny Leone is a … Read more

My silk knot: Shreyas decided to work in the series for ‘this’ reason – Marathi News | marathi actor shreyas talpade comeback on the small screen

Highlights Shreyas has acted in many plays, serials, one-act plays and films till now. Shreyas Talpade is an actor who has reached the heights of Bollywood by traveling through dramas, serials and films. Shreyas, who made his Bollywood debut through ‘Iqbal’, has acted in many hit films including Marathi. However, after shining on the silver … Read more

‘..So don’t work on the series’; Shreyas angry at those who compare work with film – Marathi News | Shreyas talpade is upset with those who compare movies and tv show work

HighlightsThe series is said to have reached the first place in the TRP race in a short span of time. The series ‘My Your Silk Knot’ is currently gaining popularity on the small screen. That is why the series is said to have reached the first place in the TRP race in a short period … Read more

China gets tough on actors who increase ‘behavior like women’ world | DW

China’s National Radio and Television Administration (NRTA) said in an online notice that regulations regarding cultural programs would be further tightened. Cracking down on alleged unhealthy content, the regulator has also tightened vigil on payments and tax evasion to stars. In recent days, Chinese regulators have increased restrictions on different industries. Strict rules have been … Read more

Exclusive: ‘… so I got a tattoo like that’; Bhagyashree’s reply to the troll from the photo – Marathi News | marathi actress bhagyshree mote reply to trolls after shared photo on mahamrityunjay mantra tattoo

Highlights‘It was my pure intention to get this tattoo removed.’ Bhagyashree Mote is an actress who has appeared in many Marathi films like ‘Kay Re Raskala’ and ‘My Wife’s Boyfriend’. Due to his acting skills, Bhagyashree is always in the news on social media. However, for the last few days, it has been in the … Read more

Bigg Boss 14: This celebrity sleeps only after reading the old chat of Siddharth Shukla, said- she cannot show you those things

First Published Sep 24, 2021, 8:15 PM IST Entertainment Desk. This celebrity, who lived in Bigg Boss house with Siddharth Shukla, is haunted by his memory. The tremendous bonding of both was seen in Bigg Boss 14. Now after the death of Siddharth Shukla, this actress does not like anything. Siddharth Shukla and Hina Khan … Read more

Filmmaking is the only art – Director Mohit Takalkar – Marathi News | Filmmaking is a lonely art: Mohit Takalkar

HighlightsDirected by Mohit Takalkar, ‘Medium Spicy’ is a film that sheds light on life relationships, love and marriage. Veteran Marathi, Hindi, Urdu and Kannada drama director Mohit Takalkar started a new innings in Marathi cinema and his first film ‘Medium Spicy’ made a splash at the Norwegian Bollywood Film Festival. Against this backdrop, he recently … Read more